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Daniel Perkins
Estrella Rose
Daniel Christopher Perkins (born August, 20th 1990) is the fictional character. He is a regular character from The Lost And Forgotten Memories. He is a recurring character from The Broken Hearts Story, The Secrets Hidden In The Scars. He never makes a guest appearance.


In the books, he is described as "a young man with a stunning smile, thick dark chocolate hair, long neck, and piercing brown eyes that he could slay any girl with". He looks very confident and seems a little cold and insolent man at first sight. Even though he is actually a very good, nice, and funny man that loves having fun with his best friend Peter.

He prefers being silent about his family and never says too much about them, saying that his parents died many years ago and bought him the house where he is currently living. Also, people sometimes say he may be a little stupid at times, but he is actually smart enough. Daniel may go too far when he jokes about something and laughs at his friends, even though he does not want to be mean to someone.


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  • He is a good rollerskater
  • He can play guitar
  • He can't dance
  • He is a huge fan of Three Days Grace and Green Day
  • He does not like pop music
  • His shoe size is 12
  • He gives very good kisses
  • He has the worst physical data than the other male characters
  • He loves drinking alcohol
  • He has a long neck
  • He is terrible at cooking
  • He is indifferent to chocolate
  • He is a lover of spicy food
  • He was terrible at studying
  • He does not have a high education
  • He does not like smoothie
  • He knows how to help someone to have panic attack
  • He faints at the sight of blood
  • His favorite Christmas songs are "Joy To The World", "Silent Night", and "Deck The Hall"


Real love has no place for egoism. The one to really love you completely understands how it’s important to give someone some personal space and not to make them be with them for hours.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 11

No matter how talented a person is, they have no right to turn up their nose and behave like the whole world owes them. Great merits do no exempt them from liability to stay decent and conscientious.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 12

Terrence: "That's what I liked about her, I liked the fact that she made me work hard to get her attention. That was a very interesting quest. That I have to pass over and over to tame Cameron and make her do what I want. Predictability and easy access are boring. It's funnier to live with the one, from who you might expect anything, and who can tickle your nerves."

Daniel: "It's not a secret that you're a little masochist."

Terrence: "And even if it's sometimes hard to live together, I'll always love her. It's hard to be together, but harder to be apart... Yes, that girl is unbearable. Cameron loves getting me nervous and sometimes becomes hysterical. But I can't do without her. She's the reason why I feel alive. Raquelle gives me an ocean of emotions and doesn't let me feel bored. But she gives me her care and her support when I need it."

Daniel: "It sounds like you're weaned to her like a drug."

Terrence: "She is my drug. The drug that makes me happy."

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 14

It’s impossible to always be a walking positive and worry about nothing. Anyone has reasons to worry about something, even if they don’t talk about it.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 24

Sometimes people prefer loving their children, saying nothing and not showing their love for them. But it doesn't mean they don't love them. It's just a type of people. People that don't want or can't show their emotions and feelings.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 3

No family ties can be broken. It’s what you will always have, no matter if you want it or not.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 32

Loving someone to love you is the paradise, without which your life doesn't make sense.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 38

Sometimes money can be a strong poison. When it ends up in someone’s hands, it starts to poison them inside very fast until they lose their mind and become enslaved by it.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 17

Daniel: Would you forget all the years that we've been friends so easily? Dude, we've known each other for ages and overcome so much together!

Peter: You remembered it too late. And I knew you too badly. I didn't know that you were actually a mean scumbag. I mean, I didn't want to notice the first sighs when you started to shower me with mud, covering it with your wish to joke.

Daniel: Don't tell me you want to end our relationship.

Peter: I didn't want it. But after all your actions, I have no choice.

Daniel: No, Pete... Please, don't turn your back on me... You're like my brother that I don't want to lose. I have never had a better friend than you! And I will hardly have!

Peter: Oh, how touching you have become... I need to find a handkerchief in my pocket. I'm about to cry now.

Daniel: Maybe, I've known and befriended many people. But a bigger part of them betrayed me or just stopped speaking to me. Many of them lied to me and framed me... Sometimes I could stop speaking to them. But not you. You have never betrayed me. You've never lied. You've always been ready to help in a hard situation.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 17

Peter: Glad you’ve recalled everything.
Daniel: And I’m glad to be myself again.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 17

Patience is like a thread – it can’t be infinite and may be gone when you’re at the point of no return.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

The power of the real man is not about taking a girl by force or raising a hand on her. It’s about treating her with respect and considering her a persona with her own feelings and wishes.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

Nobody needs your beautiful words and solemn oaths. Everyone needs your determined actions and good attitude toward those, to whom you want to prove your love.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

The world has created hundreds of rules and laws, but they can’t put an end to injustice and make everyone live in the same condition. People keep going against them and never think that it might harm someone.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 20

Sometimes children can be better than any cure because they haven’t gotten infected with jealousy, evil, and egoism and lose the feelings that many adults don’t have.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 20

Your childhood is one of the things that we underestimate. A person starts to understand how valuable it is only through the years.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 21

Any bad habit is the way to the abyss. Smoking, alcohol, drugs – every one of these paths may lead you to the middle of nowhere, so you never get out of the labyrinth.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 21

Real love doesn’t have limits and prejudices. Even an old, poor, or sick person has a chance to meet someone, who may consider them the whole world.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 21

Daniel: You know, I miss our parents sometimes … It’s been six years since we lost them, but I still can’t believe it happened. You were such a baby…
Cassidy: I’ve always lacked them. Especially, Mom… I’d like her to hug me and say she loves me.
Daniel: I want it, too… And I’d like to spend some time with Dad. Go somewhere with him, talk to him, ask him about many things… Now I understand how important those moments were.
Cassidy: I know… I didn’t appreciate them… And I was actually a bad daughter…
Daniel: No, Cass, don’t say it.
Cassidy: It’s true, Daniel. I made Mom and Dad upset so many times…
Daniel: Our parents loved you anyway. Besides, I wasn’t a perfect son and gave them many problems. I was a real bandit.
Cassidy: At least, you didn’t take drugs. And you didn’t have to suffer that some friends used you and spoke to you for some reason.
Daniel: Are you serious? Someone only cared about my money! If I hadn’t had the provided parents, many of those people wouldn’t have come to me closely. They insolently used the fact that I had unlimited money. And I mean girls and men.
Cassidy: But there were those, who spoke to you for nothing. Because you’re cool!
Daniel: Right, but there were not so many.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 21

If you don’t want fear to get control of you, you should curb it like a horse and go forward, even if something drags you back.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 22

Sometimes we get so attracted to pets that they become like relatives for us. Losing them may be like death and deprive someone of a part of the soul.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 3


Daniel Perkins
Full Name:
Daniel Christopher Perkins
Birth Day:
August, 20th 1990
Place Birth:
New York City, New York
Danny (by Cassidy)
Chocolate Head
Playboy (by Peter)
Against The System's vocalist
Against The System's bass guitarist
Heart In Fire's bass guitarist (former)
187 cm (6'1")
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Anna Seymour (girlfriend)