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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
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Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife successfully overcame the relationship crisis, even through they still have to work on it. Nevertheless, the lovers found a balance between a personal life and work and decided to get married. But they get problems because of Natalia Rochester, the best friend of Raquelle, and Edward MacClife, the younger brother of Terrence, the relationship of who are not quite fine. But trying to find out all the truth, the lovers have to face more serious problems and secrets, which have to do with the MacClife family and has been hidden from Edward and Terrence for many years.
The Broken Hearts Story
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The relationship between the model, Raquelle Cameron, and the actor, Terrence MacClife, seems just perfect to their fans, friends, and families. Even though the lovers quickly got colder for each other due to the strong obsession with their work. And the return of the man named Simon Ringer makes the situation worse and puts their relationship under a threat. Raquelle is going to fight against the one to be determined to bring his plan of revenge to an end and also figure out her feelings for Terrence, who becomes one of those, who turn their backs on her when she needs someone’s support.
The Sins Of The Past
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The life of the model, Raquelle Cameron, seems beautiful: a successful career, admiration of her fans, and attention of men. But one fateful day, someone spreads false rumors about her, which might put an end to her career. She decides to ride out the storm and visit her aunt, Alicia, who is hiding some secrets that have to do with her past, which she is ashamed to remember. Raquelle is determined to punish the one to slander her and also find out what sins her relative has to pay for even very many years later.
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Welcome to Estrella Rose Author, a personal blog by the Wattpad/Inkitt/Booknet author, Estrella Rose. Here, you can find out news about my projects, secrets, facts, plans, and many other things you would be interested in. All my books are written in Russian and English and are available for free. I would really appreciate if you checked my works, liked them, added them to your library, and left your comments. Hope you would come back daily to be the first one to know something interesting.

Love, Estrella Rose
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Nobody took me seriously. Everybody just wanted to play with me and get something. Nobody ever cared what was happening inside me. Everybody cared about my body. My youth.

The Broken Hearts Story, Chapter 19
Natalia Emily Rochester (born July, 15th 1991) is the character from one of the books by the author, Estrella Rose. She is a regular character from The Secrets Hidden In The Scars. She is a recurring character from The Sins Of The Past, The Broken Hearts Story.She never makes a guest appearance.


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  • She has a belly button piercing
  • She loves sports and workouts
  • She is very good at fashion
  • She has been in Italy
  • She is very stylish
  • She was often called Naty by her friends in earlier versions of the books
  • Her middle names were Jane and Jourdan in earlier versions of the books
  • Estrella Rose named her like this in honor of an Uruguayan actress, Natalia Oreiro
  • In earlier versions of the books, her last name was Grodgester, and it was fictional and thought up by the author, who thought the last name of Edward from 1983's Jane Eyre's movies sounded like this, even through it actually was Rochester


A close person’s death is always hard. Not every adult person can take it, but to a child, it might be a real tragedy, after which nothing might stay the same.

The Sins Of The Past
Chapter 2

Your character gets tough when you run into difficulties and often get over them. If you've never run into problems, always hidden in your cocoon, and relied on others, you can't get over it.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 10

A beautiful appearance isn't always a guarantee that everything is wonderful inside. You'll know that a fruit is rotten when you taste it enough and feel a disgusting, bitter taste.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 22

Hair color does not impact the brain and intellect. It’s just a prejudice that was thought up by a stupid person.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 25

Stealing and deceiving are not a way to become successful. It's the way to make people hate you and wonder how you could do that.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

You can say much about someone by seeing their actions. If they protect someone and try to do their best to get them out of trouble, everybody will say this person is fantastic.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 28

Money won't make you happy. You can't get anything off your chest by telling them what you're worried about and asking for a piece of advice. You can only use them to satisfy your needs.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 28

There are things that you can't buy. True love or resurrection of a dead person... Even if you have millions or billions, it can't give you that. Yes, we can't live without money at the present. But the amount of money doesn't matter. There are people, who can be happy even with one cent in a pocket.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 28

Money is not a meaning of life. The meaning of life is to be surrounded by those, who love you, and who you love. You can't be happy if you're alone, but your safe is full of thick wags of money.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 28

You won't get happy after killing someone, even if you hate them. If you've got a soul and a heart, you will be terribly ashamed of your act. You may be ready to be swallowed by the ground from shame. Maybe, you'd even wish to take a pistol and shoot you down because you wouldn't accept and forget it.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 28

Love always wins. If it didn't exist, our world wouldn't exist, as well. Until love is alive, everything will be alive.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 28

A person quickly starts to believe in what they constantly hear. When they're called cowardly and worthless, they believe it. As well as they become the smartest and best one in the world for someone.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 29

Any mother and any father worry about their child, even if they don't show it. Yes, there are those, who aren't ready to give themselves to their children. But they love them and wish them the best deep inside.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 29

Sometimes you should apply some effort to give people a reason to be proud of you. Instead of waiting for being adored and made an example for nothing.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 29

Dying for close people is not so horrifying. But losing a close person, who you are tightly attracted to, is horrifying.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 30

Tears are the thing you shouldn't be ashamed of. You should be ashamed of having no heart and soul. Because it's what makes you alive.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 34

The one, who regrets something, doubts something, and does not hide it, is strong mentally... Who shows their weakness and talks about what they're worried about, what they're afraid of... That's what the power of any strong man is.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 34


AI Portrait of Natalia Rochester
Natalia Rochester
Full Name:
Natalia Emily Rochester
Birth Day:
July, 15th 1991
Place Birth:
New York City, New York
Kingston, New York (former)
Emily (by Edward)
175 cm (5'8")
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Letitia Rochester (mother)
Anthony Rochester (father)
Adriana Lascano (grandmother)
Enrique Lascano (adopted grandfather)
Edward MacClife (boyfriend)
Benjamin Parker (former crush-on-by)
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