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Terrence MacClife
Estrella Rose

Confidence hasn't done bad things to anyone yet. When someone shows they're confident, people start to respect and be afraid of them. They know shouldn't mess up with them.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars, Chapter 31
Terrence James MacClife (born April, 24th 1989) is the fictional character. He is a regular character from The Broken Hearts Story, The Secrets Hidden In The Scars, The Lost And Forgotten Memories. He is a recurring character from The Sins Of The Past. He never makes a guest appearance.


In the book "The Sins Of The Past", he is described as "the six-foot tall thin, young man with piercing blue eyes, perfect features, gorgeous and luxury jet-black hair that strongly stands out against his aristocratically white, perfectly clear skin". He always looks very confident, as if he knows he could easily disarm any young girl with just his stunning smile.

At first sight, Terrence seems an egoistic, non-educated narcisus, who is too obsessed with his appearance, loves himself too much, and is mean to everyone around him, wishing them to call him the most perfect fellow in the world. As well as Raquelle, he seems too obsessed with his acting career and is furious that he is no longer popular and does not get any roles, being happy with just working on photoshoots and giving interviews. He is doing his best to become as popular as he was when he was much younger. He wants to play a role that differs from the role of Mason Houston that he played at the age of 18, but he thinks nobody wants to notice his incredible talent.

However, through the time, Terrence shows himself as a good, nice, and caring man with a kind heart. He is actually a very wise, smart, and responsible person, who truly cares about his close people, and can help them with anything at any time. Meanwhile, he has a very hard character and may easily get wild and start a conflict with anyone. That's why he has been in trouble many times. Terrence is ready to give his last money to someone, who needs it much more. Altrough people around often laugh at him for being too confident and having a too strong self-love, he is actually deeply respected. They always listen to his opinion and consider him a leader that always knows what would be better.


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  • He was named by his father, Jamie, who liked this name after hearing it in a tv show
  • He got his first name after a character from a Russian tv show Testament's Wedding (рус. Брак по завещанию), in which there was a character named Terence Harper
  • He hates when he's called Terry but sometimes doesn't react when someone calls him like this
  • He is one of the tallest characters of the book series
  • He was pronounced as one of the most sexual men in the world by a magazine.
  • He can play a guitar
  • He can take high notes
  • He does not like walking at shops
  • He does not believe in any supernatural power
  • He does not believe in any omens
  • He gained fame thanks to the movie "American Love Affair", in which he played Mason Houston
  • He has not rollerbladed since 10 when he fell and got brain damage
  • He is the eldest son of Jamie
  • He is the first child of Rebecca
  • He had a daughter Melody in the earlier version of the second book, but she was dropped in the final version of the books
  • His last name is fictional and was thought up by Estrella Rose, who thought the last name of Marty from Back To The Future's movies sounded like this, even through it actually was McFly


Terrence: “Let’s bet you would fall in love with me. You would lose your head very soon. And you would dream of becoming mine.”
Raquelle: “Fall in love with such an insolent and non-educated peacock? Oh, no, no! I do not need you for anything!”
Terrence: “But am I handsome? And freaking sexy? Right?”
Raquelle: “There are more handsome and sexual men among my familiars.”
Terrence: “Come on…”
Raquelle: “I do not know who pronounced you literally God, called you the most handsome man in the world, and paid for your fame, but trust me, that’s not the truth.”

The Sins Of The Past
Chapter 3

Life is a strange thing. You never know what you might lead to in a few years. Where you would end up… With who… Nobody knows their future that might be very different.

The Sins Of The Past
Chapter 4

Terrence: “I’ve done so much for you… I took everything, I closed my eyes on everything… I did my best to save our relationship. I hoped you would pay attention to me someday and give me the love that I needed. I was ready for anything for you and your happiness. But you did not appreciate all of that. You did not appreciate the effort I made for us to live well. You ruined everything that I wanted to save.”
Raquelle: “You were also pretending that you tried to save our relationship. Pretending to be a perfect boyfriend in public and telling everyone you adored me and were happy to be in a relationship with me. But that was just words.”
Terrence: “I wanted not very much! Not very much, Raquelle! Nothing impossible. Nothing super-hard. I just wanted warmth, love, and care. I wanted to get your support. To get the motivation to do something. To have someone to keep a belief that I’m still wanted and loved. But I’ve changed for a few months. I’ve changed for the worse. I stopped feeling like the Terrence that I had been before I started an affair with you.”
Raquelle: “And I stopped being the Raquelle I was. Our affair made me unhappy. It bothered me. I had some borders. A certain comfort zone. But you broke into it and turned everything upside down.”
Terrence: “Nobody made you quit your career. Vice versa, I was happy to admire photos of you. But I needed attention, love, and care. I needed a girl that I could talk to about what was happening to me. But I was lonely. I was in a relationship, but I was lonely.”
Raquelle: “You described my feelings. I was in a relationship, but I was lonely.”

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 11

Self-confidence is a key to true sexuality. You can put on the most beautiful underwear, put on red lipstick on your lips and get a gorgeous hairstyle. But if you don’t have self-confidence and don’t like too many things about you, it’s not gonna make you sexual.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 12

Edward: “Damn, I don’t know what to do… I do wanna know everything she’s hiding and help her if I have a chance. But Natalia refuses to say something and drop some hits. Her eyes say something’s happening to her… But I can’t get what…”
Terrence: “Sorry, I can’t help you. I know nothing about it.”
Edward: “It’s all so tangled… And I don’t wanna lose her… I don’t…”
Terrence: “Do you really love her so much?”
Edward: “I can’t do without her… If she leaves forever, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I doubt I’d forget her so easily. Because I always think of her. I really like Natalia and consider her not just a friend of mine.”
Terrence: “I get it… The same is happening to me and Raquelle… I don’t know what to do… How to accept the breakup with that girl… You know, Edward, I think you and I are brothers not only by blood but also by misfortunes. We have the same problems. The problem with the girls.”
Edward: “Yeah, you’re right…”

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 17

It’s worthless to knock at the closed door when you know nobody would open it. You could stand near it all day, but nothing would be changed.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 17

People often force someone to have a relationship and play a wedding but don’t explain what that is. They say you must do it. A human can’t live alone. So, many people date someone and enter a marriage just to make everyone get off them. But it doesn’t give them the happiness that everyone talks so much about. To be clear, they haven’t grown up for it yet.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 19

When people smile in photos or videos and confess their love for someone they love on social networks, it doesn’t mean everything is really true. Sometimes everything might not be as beautiful and cute as it seems.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 9

Unfortunately, life sometimes consists of problems we can't solve. When you're born, you get some problems that you don't wanna or can't solve. Because you don't know how to do it.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 10

Terrence: "That's what I liked about her, I liked the fact that she made me work hard to get her attention. That was a very interesting quest. That I have to pass over and over to tame Cameron and make her do what I want. Predictability and easy access are boring. It's funnier to live with the one, from who you might expect anything, and who can tickle your nerves."

Daniel: "It's not a secret that you're a little masochist."

Terrence: "And even if it's sometimes hard to live together, I'll always love her. It's hard to be together, but harder to be apart... Yes, that girl is unbearable. Cameron loves getting me nervous and sometimes becomes hysterical. But I can't do without her. She's the reason why I feel alive. Raquelle gives me an ocean of emotions and doesn't let me feel bored. But she gives me her care and her support when I need it."

Daniel: "It sounds like you're weaned to her like a drug."

Terrence: "She is my drug. The drug that makes me happy."

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 14

Sometimes some things happen to make us happy and show us a way to those, who we would feel good with.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 22

Sometimes you may know everything about anyone thanks to music if they sing songs about their personal life.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

Sadly, you can often find a rotten fruit in a basket with beautiful and fresh ones at first sight.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

Every person fights with someone or something all their life. When you're born in this world, you run into problems. First, you're afraid your parents wouldn't take care of you and buy a toy that you see in a store. Then you get school issues... After you graduate from school, go to a college or university where you'll get new problems... Then work, family... This vicious circle will not end 'till your death.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

Millions of people break up, divorce, and cry over someone's death. It's fine to be a little sad and cry. But it doesn't mean life ends after that. You can always find a reason to keep living and doing your business.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

The power of kindness, love, and justice is way stronger than any evil. Thanks to this one, the world still exists and hasn't been swallowed by darkness.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 28

To reach your goals, you don't have to kill, rob and, humiliate. You don't have to be a cruel and egoistic person and step on others. You can get what you want, even if you stay a kind and decent person.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 28

Time would go as well as offenses. As memories that are replaced by a wish to forget everything and start it all again. Anger goes away early or late, and you understand that what you believe cannot be the truth.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 29

Confidence hasn't done bad things to anyone yet. When someone shows they're confident, people start to respect and be afraid of them. They know shouldn't mess up with them.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 31

Sadly, sometimes people go crazy from love and are ready for anything, not thinking that someone doesn't need it.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 31

We can impact our future by doing the right things in the present. But the past is the past. We can't change it. You can only get some lessons from it. And it teaches us not to make the same mistake twice in the present and the future.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 33

Apologizing for someone is always hard. But forgiving the one is much harder. It's hard to forget how meanly someone acted toward you.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 35

Men aren't cold and heartless, as some people sometimes think. We can feel and show emotions. We may also be sad, worried, and afraid. It's absolutely fine. Yes, maybe, we control ourselves better, but it doesn't mean we have no feelings.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 38

Friendship is not only joking. It's also mutual help and support that you get only from the one to consider you a real friend.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 38

People say you must not change someone you love by force and make them someone you dream about. But sometimes people change by themselves and don't realize it. Just because love impacts them. It can make us do anything, even the craziest and most dangerous things.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 39

Life is an experience, an experience is our mistakes, and our mistakes are the taste that might be sweet, nice, and good or bitter, disgusting, and terrible.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 39

Memory is a pretty hard and unpredictable thing that nobody has examined fully yet.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 11

The decision to get married is always hard for a man. To get a proposal from him, being just beautiful and seducing him with short skirts is not enough for the girl.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 14

Even if I can’t do something, I am perfect at it anyway.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 15

If you want to save someone, your duty is to save yourself, first of all. This is the first thing that you should think about.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 16

Cowardice and shame are different things. If you don’t want to do something, it doesn’t mean you’re scared. It means you’re afraid of regretting it someday.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

A person without brains is bad, but a brainless person with amnesia is much worse

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

Terrence: I will never leave if danger is threatening you.

Edward: I know. If you had the same situation, I would do the same. Because I don't want to lose my brother. And I know I must support and help him.

Terrence: Glad to hear it. And thank you for protecting me. I wouldn't have dealt with that stinker alone.

Edward: That was my duty.

Terrence: I guess you proved that there's no limit to your bravery when the case is about your close people.

Edward: Oh, yay, a brave, irresponsible boy without brains.

Terrence: You are. You're really a sick and very weird donkey that irritates me by just doing nothing.

Edward: Oh, yeah, come on! Every time you start talking about your irreplaceability, I wanna grab something heavy and throw it at your gorgeous head.

Terrence: And I love you, little rag.

Edward: Hey, don't ruffle my hair.

Terrence: C'mon, have you ever had good hair? You're always like a scarecrow!

Edward: And you've overplayed a daddy!

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

Edward: I’m glad you’re alive.
Terrence: I’m much happier you’re alive.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 21

Confessing your cowardice or weakness is something that only a wise and decent person could do.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 21

Life is too short to spend it on offenses. You should value someone for what they do for you and others in the present, remembering that nobody’s perfect, and everyone gets wrong.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 30

Asking someone for help and protection has never been a shame. You can pretend to be an independent person that does everything by themselves as much as you want. But there are situations when you have to forget it and come to someone just to say, ‘help me.’

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 30

Raquelle: You know, when we met for the first time, I didn’t even think you’d become my close person. If I’d known I’d get married to you, I’d start laughing hysterically.
Terrence: But I didn’t doubt that you’d be mine.
Raquelle: I still remember how you went confidently into the office of Serena, keeping your shoulders spread and your back straight. You looked like you knew who you were. You knew you were handsome, attractive, popular… You lighted up with confidence…
Terrence: I often remember that day. The day when I met the one, who drove me crazy immediately. The one, who conquered me with her beauty and her inaccessibility. A reluctance to be like everyone and to fall at my feet. I thought you were one more girl, who would agree to lie in my bed with me in the first second. But… You surprised me and left me discouraged.
Raquelle: Anyway, I'm happy we met. You’re a beam of light in my kingdom. You… Irritated me terribly… But you did it so that… I was happy to confront you.
Terrence: When I viewed photos of you, I didn’t doubt that I wouldn’t be disappointed in meeting you. And I was thrilled when I saw the girl, who was much more gorgeous in real life than in photos.
Raquelle: Yeah, I know…
Terrence: I’m so happy that I’ve got a chance to be next to my beloved girl. Touch her. Admire her as much as I want…
Raquelle: Oh, yeah, it’s time to admire me… When I’m wearing nobody knows the hell what, my hair is messed up, and my puffy red eyes look terrible.
Terrence: For me, you’d be beautiful anyway. But actually, I love you not because you’re a stunning beauty with a gorgeous smile.
Raquelle: And why?
Terrence: I love you for what you’ve got inside. Yes, I originally paid attention to your appearance and was obsessed with the idea of having sex with you. But over time, I started to care about your inner beauty. What you’re doing, how you treat people, what you’re ready for them…
Raquelle: There were moments when I didn’t treat people the way they deserved.
Terrence: But you’ve always been kind and wished nothing bad to anyone. Even your biggest enemy.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 31

The difference between true love and sympathy is that you clearly see the shortcomings of the person and can decide if you’re ready to accept them, or you should find someone to be more decent.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 31

A beautiful picture always leaves people delighted. But nobody knows how much work was done for it. How much someone worked on it, so everyone wants to buy it for millions of dollars.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 36

Resistance always gets us excited and encourages us to get something in any way.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 4

Nothing in this world happens immediately. Sometimes we need very much time to understand something, reach for some success, and make our biggest dream come true.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 7


Terrence MacClife
Full Name:
Terrence James MacClife
Birth Day:
April, 24th 1989
Place Birth:
New York City, New York
Mason Houston (role)
Lesley (role)
Edward (by Daniel)
Against The System's lead vocalist
Against The System's rhythm guitarist
Heart In Fire's guitarist (former)
193 cm (6'3")
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Jamie MacClife (father)
Rebecca MacClife (mother)
Edward MacClife (brother)
Manuel MacClife (grandfather)
Margaret MacClife (grandmother)
Isabella Thorn (stepmother)
Jeremy MacClife (stepbrother)
William MacClife (stepbrother)
Raquelle Cameron (fianceé)
Rachel Sanderson (former love interest)