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Edward MacClife
Estrella Rose

Being unique doesn’t mean getting ashamed or being bad. It means going your own way and doing what you want.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories, Chapter 7
Edward Robert MacClife (born May, 10th 1991) is the fictional character. He is a regular character from The Secrets Hidden In The Scars, The Lost And Forgotten Memories, Stronger Together: Book 5. He is a recurring character from The Broken Hearts Story. He is a guest character from The Sins Of The Past.


In the books, he is described as "a tall, attractive man with luxurious black hair, gray eyes, a little white skin, good physical data, and pretty face without birthmarks and pimples." He always looks much younger than his real age – that's why people think he barely turned 18. However, it does not make him shy or confused. During his first appearance, he introduced himself as Edward Lockhart, which he changed his birth name, Edward MacClife, to at the age of nineteen.

Edward is a kind, smart, shy, and sweet guy that has always suffered from a lack of the attention of his father and people around him. In the beginning, he looks too insecure and always doubts himself. Most of his bad actions are explained with a wish to get someone's attention, deserve their love, and prove that he is worth something. He was always told that he was worthless and stupid, but he believed it and wanted to fix it somehow. But because he has never been confident, people do not believe when he says he fears nothing and could be much stronger and smarter than they think.

Thanks to his attractive appearance, he always catches the girls' attention. This is the only thing that he does not doubt. He is not shy of the way he looks. He is shy of his character and the fact that he expresses his emotions too openly and could easily shed a tear. It's easy for him to charm and befriend someone for a few minutes.


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  • In the book series, he was named by his mother, Rebecca, who liked this name
  • He is a huge fan of sweet food
  • He can speak Spanish
  • He is very good at writting songs
  • He can play guitar
  • He can take high notes
  • He loves pilaf
  • He is very flexable and inherited his flexibity from Rebecca
  • He has scars on his back after he was attacked by his uncle Michael's people
  • In the fourth book, he got a tattoo on his back, which covers the scars and says, "It's time to let it go"
  • He explains the meaning of his tattoo as becoming free from everything that was dragging him down
  • He disliked blonde girls as he believed they were stupid
  • Natalia is the first blonde girl to be his sweetheart
  • He is the only of the main characters that dropped school and does not have a school education
  • His Instagram username is @EdwardMacClife
  • He was named after the actor, Robert Pattison, who played Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie series
  • His last name is fictional and was thought up by Estrella Rose, who thought the last name of Marty from Back To The Future's movies sounded like this, even through it actually was McFly
  • He is the favorite male character of Estrella Rose


People always spread rumors about any celebrities. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it. But there is always the one not to like you as well as everyone does. There would always be the one to go against everything in the herd.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 17

Life is actually an unpredictable thing. You never know what’s waiting for you and where you would end up after you choose one or another way.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 17

Edward: “Damn, I don’t know what to do… I do wanna know everything she’s hiding and help her if I have a chance. But Natalia refuses to say something and drop some hits. Her eyes say something’s happening to her… But I can’t get what…”
Terrence: “Sorry, I can’t help you. I know nothing about it.”
Edward: “It’s all so tangled… And I don’t wanna lose her… I don’t…”
Terrence: “Do you really love her so much?”
Edward: “I can’t do without her… If she leaves forever, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I doubt I’d forget her so easily. Because I always think of her. I really like Natalia and consider her not just a friend of mine.”
Terrence: “I get it… The same is happening to me and Raquelle… I don’t know what to do… How to accept the breakup with that girl… You know, Edward, I think you and I are brothers not only by blood but also by misfortunes. We have the same problems. The problem with the girls.”
Edward: “Yeah, you’re right…”

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 17

It’s always hurt to lose your friends, especially when you’ve befriended them for ages, but they do something bad to you. And unfortunately, new friends can’t always become much better than old friends.

The Broken Hearts Story
Chapter 8

Sometimes we need to ask someone for help or advice. Especially when we literally boil from evil. There are things that we can't solve on our own.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 26

Two people should work on their relationship. When only one pulls it out, it doesn't make sense. Early or late, someone gets sick of trying to reach for the one, who doesn't want to understand and listen to them.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 26

If a person isn't perfect and does know the weaknesses that he or she tries to fight with, it doesn't mean you should literally point at the list of all things they've done.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 26

You can't change someone by force. They can change only when they want it. If they have a real reason to get better for someone and wean themselves away from bad habits.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 26

You can't educate and change an adult person that has character, habits, and preferences. But sometimes even a little child might show themselves and not think of changing.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

Don't regret making mistakes. You can't live without them 'cause we'd always learn from them and get some lessons. Maybe, you're making mistakes now, but you'll someday do something grandiose that will make you proud of yourself.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

By doing wrong things, we don't get worse. We get better. Better because we get some experience and know what we shouldn't do. There is no person that's never been wrong. But even if there is one, they know nothing, can do nothing, and can reach nothing.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

People get success only after making lots of mistakes and keeping going on, having the knowledge gotten after running into something hundreds of times.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

A marriage is the thing you should find the courage to do. If you marry the wrong girl, you may regret it later and have to fill for divorce later.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 27

Everything should end somehow. As well as the love that can't be infinite.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 30

It's fine when someone is afraid of something. That's good when someone fights with fears and faces them. The worse thing is when they fear nothing and don't think that some things might be dangerous. It means they're not senseless robots and do have emotions and feelings.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 34

You can always find the money. Even a very little. But you can get family and friends only once...

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 34

Natalia: “I wouldn’t help someone I can’t take. I’d give a damn about them. I wouldn’t wish death – that’s bad. But wouldn’t save as well.”
Edward: “I wouldn’t also help the one I can’t take. I wouldn’t even think of protecting them. Because I help only those I love, respect, and consider important to me.”
Natalia: “It’s about your family?”
Edward: “I’d sacrifice anything for it.”
Natalia: “I got it. Remembering how you were protecting your brother when we three were at your uncle’s house.”
Edward: “You think I should’ve stayed aside when that old bastard threatened to destroy him? I was ready to cut his throat, at least for daring to insult Terrence!”
Natalia: “Do you really still love him?”
Edward: “Of course! He is my brother! The one I got very attracted to. The one, with who it was always good to spend time. Terrence understood me like nobody else and knew how to help me with a word or a business. All of his pieces of advice were very nice, and I must’ve listened to them.”
Natalia: “So, wasn’t the fact that you were protecting him something like a situation when ‘trouble unites people?’”
Edward: “No, it was my wish. Helping him and protecting him was my duty. Despite what happened between us, I’ll always love him, respect him, and consider him one of my closest people.”

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 34

If someone means a lot to you, you won't care about how fat their wallet is. You'd love them, no matter what their status is.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Chapter 39

No matter what our parents are, we should respect them and love them for just giving us life. Maybe, some parents don’t raise their children, but they gave them a chance to be born… Thanks to them, we have come to this world.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 11

Sometimes an event that people don’t get ready for may be much better than the one, about which people started to think literally a few months before.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 14

Sometimes a fear can make a person dream up freaking breathtaking stories that any naive person would believe.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

Someone to have amnesia is like someone to be obsessed with anger: explaining something to them is impossible because they’d understand nothing.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

Cowardice is a confession of responsibility for your actions, not a runaway from it. You are truly strong if you can recognize your mistakes and shortcomings. And you’re weak if you refuse to do it.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

Terrence: I will never leave if danger is threatening you.

Edward: I know. If you had the same situation, I would do the same. Because I don't want to lose my brother. And I know I must support and help him.

Terrence: Glad to hear it. And thank you for protecting me. I wouldn't have dealt with that stinker alone.

Edward: That was my duty.

Terrence: I guess you proved that there's no limit to your bravery when the case is about your close people.

Edward: Oh, yay, a brave, irresponsible boy without brains.

Terrence: You are. You're really a sick and very weird donkey that irritates me by just doing nothing.

Edward: Oh, yeah, come on! Every time you start talking about your irreplaceability, I wanna grab something heavy and throw it at your gorgeous head.

Terrence: And I love you, little rag.

Edward: Hey, don't ruffle my hair.

Terrence: C'mon, have you ever had good hair? You're always like a scarecrow!

Edward: And you've overplayed a daddy!

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 18

Even if we can always change the future, there are things that we can’t control. Which will happen to us, no matter if we want it.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 19

A human can fall in love with someone for any reason. You don’t have to be a tiger in a bed, cook the best dishes, and listen to them for hours. Sometimes they like a small thing that you probably don’t notice or don’t like.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 20

Edward: I’m glad you’re alive.
Terrence: I’m much happier you’re alive.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 21

Natalia: Listen, Edward… Look at me. Please, don’t keep everything inside. You feel bad now because you’re holding yourself down. But trust me, when you open your heart, you will get better.
Edward: I don’t hide what I’m worried about.
Natalia: Yes, but you’re hiding many things. You talk briefly about what you’re worried about. You don’t reveal your soul.
Edward: I don’t wanna say the same thing for the hundredth time.
Natalia: Maybe, you wanna shed a tear?
Edward: No! No, I can’t. I must not do it! I must not!
Natalia: There’s nothing bad in a crying man. It’s not weakness, it’s bravery. When someone cries, they aren’t afraid to show their real side. They can stay themselves. They aren’t afraid of being a little vulnerable.
Edward: Everybody thinks I’m weak… But if I cry, I will lose their respect.
Natalia: But you’ve shed a tear many times before.
Edward: Yes, I cried. And I’m ashamed. Ashamed of letting myself be weak.
Natalia: Expressing your emotions should never make you feel ashamed. You must be ashamed when you can’t be sorry, feel pity, and be afraid. When you stay cold even when your close people are dying.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 21

Dreams can never be destructive. They help us keep the fire of happiness that doesn’t let us go crazy and fall into the darkness.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 22

Fear and despair are such strong feelings that they can reveal anything a person is worried about and all their real feelings.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 25

Sometimes even the most expensive and the best doctors can’t heal you the way true love can. It can help you survive in the middle of the chaos when there is no hope for some kind of magic.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 30

Getting used doesn’t mean accepting the situation and getting happy. It’s adapting to certain circumstances, deciding to go with the flow, and not thinking about where you may end up.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 31

A real friend is the one, who would feel free to call you at 5 AM and make you go for an intensive workout.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 35

Emotions and feelings will not die if you’re hiding them and keeping them inside you. They will be killing you slowly and bringing you where you will hardly come back.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 7

Being unique doesn’t mean getting ashamed or being bad. It means going your own way and doing what you want.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories
Chapter 7


Edward MacClife
Full Name:
Edward Robert MacClife
Birth Day:
May, 10th 1991
Place Birth:
New York City, New York
Puppy (by Michael)
Edward Dilan Lockhart (former official name)
Justin Caleb Ledger (fake identity)
Terrence (by Daniel)
Against The System's lead solo guitarist
Against The System's vocalist
189 cm (6'2")
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Brown (wig)
Jamie MacClife (father)
Rebecca MacClife (mother)
Terrence MacClife (brother)
Manuel MacClife (grandfather)
Margaret MacClife (grandmother)
Isabella Thorn (stepmother)
Jeremy MacClife (stepbrother)
William MacClife (stepbrother)
Natalia Rochester (fianceé)