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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
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Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife successfully overcame the relationship crisis, even through they still have to work on it. Nevertheless, the lovers found a balance between a personal life and work and decided to get married. But they get problems because of Natalia Rochester, the best friend of Raquelle, and Edward MacClife, the younger brother of Terrence, the relationship of who are not quite fine. But trying to find out all the truth, the lovers have to face more serious problems and secrets, which have to do with the MacClife family and has been hidden from Edward and Terrence for many years.
The Broken Hearts Story
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The relationship between the model, Raquelle Cameron, and the actor, Terrence MacClife, seems just perfect to their fans, friends, and families. Even though the lovers quickly got colder for each other due to the strong obsession with their work. And the return of the man named Simon Ringer makes the situation worse and puts their relationship under a threat. Raquelle is going to fight against the one to be determined to bring his plan of revenge to an end and also figure out her feelings for Terrence, who becomes one of those, who turn their backs on her when she needs someone’s support.
The Sins Of The Past
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The life of the model, Raquelle Cameron, seems beautiful: a successful career, admiration of her fans, and attention of men. But one fateful day, someone spreads false rumors about her, which might put an end to her career. She decides to ride out the storm and visit her aunt, Alicia, who is hiding some secrets that have to do with her past, which she is ashamed to remember. Raquelle is determined to punish the one to slander her and also find out what sins her relative has to pay for even very many years later.
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Welcome to Estrella Rose Author, a personal blog by the Wattpad/Inkitt/Booknet author, Estrella Rose. Here, you can find out news about my projects, secrets, facts, plans, and many other things you would be interested in. All my books are written in Russian and English and are available for free. I would really appreciate if you checked my works, liked them, added them to your library, and left your comments. Hope you would come back daily to be the first one to know something interesting.

Love, Estrella Rose
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Hiya, everybody! Estrella Rose is here! I’m here to deliver you Chapter 28 from my book “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars“. And… I am publishing it on the last day of 2022. So, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year and wish you love, peace, and kindness, and I hope all your dreams will come true. The Rabbit Year is coming!

So what, my dears, we’ve finally come to the final battle of kidness and evil that I talked about before. This chapter was originally meant to be much longer, but I thought publishing such super long pieces would be a more serious crime than publishing what I’m publishing now. So, this chapter is going to consist of two parts. And… Here’s the first one. As usual, I offer you tons of senseless talks, Brazilian shows-styled passions, and a so-called test of a character… Oops, I mean, a test for loyalty and love! Will the characters pass it? How will everything end? The answer is in this chapter!

Anyway, I would be madly happy if you liked this book, added it to your library and told me what you think of the storyline and the characters’ actions. I hope you would’t lose your interest for my book and would read it until the very end. My English is not perfect, but I’m doing my best to make my texts more or less readable.

To get a mood for reading, play the song All Time Low — Thanks To You, the lyrics of which were used for the title of the character. I mean, it was a little longer, but I shortened it in the latest edition.

Have a nice day!

Love, Estrella Rose.

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“Do you get better every time you humiliate me? Do you think you make others think the same by insulting me? No, Uncle Michael, you are wrong! Those, who don’t consider me weak and brainless, will never believe your bullshit and stay by my side.”
“Oh, Edward!” Michael smirks, clapping his hands quietly. “And it’s said by the one, who did a disgusting thing to his family but keeps telling people about his great love for his close people.”
“You know that I was understood wrongly.”
“Yeah? I don’t believe in your loyalty, my dear. I don’t believe that there would be at least one to wish to defend you. Maybe, only your ex would think about it. But nobody else would stand by you.”
“I still have a chance to prove to my close people that I love them with all my heart and would never dare to betray them. But you lost all your chances. When you ruined the life of my parents and forced Father to become a homeless pauper.”
“Just like you are now. You have nothing. And I’m not guilty of it. You don’t aim to change something. You don’t study, don’t work… You do nothing! You only hang around the city, play your fucking guitar and sing stupid songs that you sometimes write.”
“And what? Should I go to cry?”
“If you really want it. But I’m sure you do it, while nobody sees you. You fall in despair because everything is bad for you. Nobody needs your actions. Nobody appreciates you, loves you, and wants to say something nice to you. You’ve tried to save your family from your uncle Mikey for so many years, but you got nothing.”
“That’s what you want to think.” Edward comes much closer to Michael, looking at him with greater contempt. “Yes, I got involved in your fucking adventure that’s the reason my family suffered. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t try to protect my relatives.”
“And you recently realized that everything was worthless. Though, you know as you started this game, you can’t stop it after you’ve gone so far.”
“You’re right about it. But as I started this game, I will be playing it until the end. Until I get a victory. Sink my teeth into it. Spend my strength and fall on the floor.”
“Oh, here’s the fucking hero!” Michael crosses his arms over his chest, rolling his eyes. “Alright, Edward, if you want to go much further, go. Go until you hit the dead end. Until I bring you to the corner and make you give up or do what will help you get off me.”
“Don’t hope, Uncle Michael. I will not give up and will bring this fucking game until the end. If you want me to prove that I’m not a coward, you will see it.”
“Alright. In this case, I’m suggesting you prove that you are not a coward right now.” Michael smiles slyly, looking at Edward proudly. “And do what you and I talked about some time ago. What I will pay you much money for if you do it.”

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