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The Lost And Forgotten Memories: Chapter 1
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May 28 2023
Estrella Rose

Hey, people! After two months of the break, I am back to work again. I am madly happy to introduce my new book to you. «The Lost And Forgotten Memories», Book 4 from the series «Stay Strong, Brave & Happy». Chapter 1 is already available for reading. If you’re going to read it out for the first time, I recommend you check out the previous works, even if «The Memories…» can be read as a separated book.

I am going to warn you that first few chapters will not have a very important meaning. For example, Chapter 1 consists of introducing the lead characters to those, who don’t know them yet (in case someone didn’t read the previous books from the series), hits at the events of the book «The Secrets Hidden In The Scars», and some information about what has changed after what was left «behind the scene». The main events will start happening from Chapter 4. Then, something will start getting clear. Something interesting will happen. Moreover, somewhere from Chapter 5, there will sometimes be phrases in Spanish. I don’t know this language (maybe, just a couple of words) and used what I found on open sources. But if you know Spanish and think I made a mistake, you let me know about it.

As for publishing chapters. Yes, Chapter 1 is short enough. And a few more chapters will be as short as it is. So, it means I will be back to you with new updates soon. Not 300 years later. But from a certain moment, the number of pages/symbols of every one of them will start growing up. So, I will have to spend much more time working on them. And when they are very long, I will be dividing them into small parts and scheduling the publishing of them for every day on some sites. And then I will unite all of them and re-upload. It means the updates will be more or less regular. Not like they were when I was publishing «The Sins Of The Past», «The Broken Hearts Story», and «The Secrets Hidden In The Scars». There will not be a specific time because I will be experimenting and publishing updates at the different time.

The number of pages is going to be super big again. My fantasy went absolutely wild and came up with very many things that I added to my new book. So, I truly apologize for getting you shocked and warn you that the process of publishing will last for a few months. An approximate date is the end of December. But I am not sure yet. Everything will depend on events. And how successfully I will struggle with my laziness when wishing just to do nothing.

Anyway, I will be very happy if you show an interest in this work, add it to your library, and decide to wait for the release of new chapters. I apologize for all the mistakes and typos that I might not have seen when editing the book. I solemnly swear that I will fix everything when I find them. No music recommendations will be given this time because I was working on my book when listening to random tunes that I got in my library.

Have a nice day and thank you for the attention in case you decide to give it to me.

Love, Estrella Rose.

📎 Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/113315536-the-lost-and-forgotten-memories
📎 Inkitt: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/1065782
📎 Penana: https://www.penana.com/story/127615
📎 All Links: https://estrellarose.tk/online/the-lost-and-forgotten-memories/

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