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The Lost And Forgotten Memories: Book Trailer + Release Day
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May 27 2023
Estrella Rose

Hey, everyone! I want to introduce the book trailer for my new book “The Lost And Forgotten Memories” that I promised a few days ago. Even though I completed the work on it quickly enough (yes, yes, I create all my book trailers by myself and know I’m too far from the best videomaker), I had to spend a few attempts to render a good video without pink and green artifacts that I got every time I tried to export a book trailer for the previous books of the series. Anyway, I managed to solve this problem, and you can see the result right now. I truly apologize if you think the quality of the voices is terrible, because the text was voiced by the robot.

And yeah, I promised that I would announce the date of the release of Chapter 1 of my book “The Lost and Forgotten Memories” alongside the publication of the book trailer. So, I am thrilled to tell you that it will be released TOMORROW. Yes, yes, I am starting my new book tomorrow, on May, 28th. And tomorrow, I will give you some information about the publication of new chapters. I can’t say anything about the time of publishing, because I haven’t decided it yet. Anyway, I will surely make a post with the news on my social networks. If you are interested in it, you can follow me and find my other accounts and the link to my author blog where I publish many interesting things.

See you tomorrow!

Love, Estrella Rose.

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