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Time To Say Goodbye: Short Story
Short Story Time To Say Goodbye
Jun 16 2022
Estrella Rose

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re all having a very nice day. In between working on another chapter of my book “The Broken Hearts Story“, I got inspiration and wrote a short story called “Time To Say Goodbye” that you can find on my accounts in both English and Russian. I don’t expect this sad story to get some love of readers, but I would be happy if you checked it, liked it and told me your thoughts on it.

Wattpad: https://wattpad.com/story/313593687-time-to-say-goodbye
Inkitt: https://inkitt.com/stories/drama/917597
Penana: https://www.penana.com/story/103520/time-to-say-goodbye/
Booknet: https://booknet.com/en/book/time-to-say-goodbye-b398503
Other: https://lnk.bio/estrellarose

Have a nice day, people!

Love, Estrella Rose.

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