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The Story About Us (Stronger Together: The Soundtrack)
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May 30 2024
Estrella Rose

Hey, my sweet estrellitas! We’ve met again! This time, let me introduce the second song that I wrote all by myself. It’s called “The Story About Us“. And this is the soundtrack for “The Lost And Forgotten Memories“, Book 4 from my book series “Stronger Together“. Yes, my debut song was related to this book, and the same thing is happening again. It just happened so…

The subject of “The Story About Us” is strength, courage, and determinacy in the face of any danger and barriers. It’s about strong friendship, support, and readiness to stay together despite everything. I think it’s really perfect as the soundtrack for the entire book series, not just one book, because all my stories are about love, friendship, strength, and unity. As it happened the last time, you can find the lyrics for this song on my personal site. I guess you, guys, know where to find it 🙂

If you’ve ever checked out “TLAFM“, you may already know that this song is performed by the male rock band “Against The System“, for which it became the debut single. In the book, the description of this song does not kind of fit the result that I eventually got, but I will surely fix it a little later and rewrite it. I had to redo a couple of lines because I found some grammar errors, or the AI app just swallowed some words. But I think the result is really perfect, and I’ve listened to this song like a million times. And to honest, I always dreamed of creating a lyrics video for one of the songs from my characters. And I did it, after all.

Anyway, I really hope you will appreciate the result of hundreds of attempts to torture the AI app to make it generate something good, and you will love it. Next week, you will get the third track, which, I’m gonna tell you a secret, is also going to be the soundtrack for the book “The Lost And Forgotten Memories“. Yes, my sweethearts, since I’ve got some content for the nearest time, you will have to see the notifications about my new posts on my accounts.

Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice day!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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