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The Sins Of The Past (Shortened Edition)
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Aug 09 2022
Estrella Rose

Hello, Estrellitas! Hope you’re having a nice day. Before I start publishing the third book from the series “Stay Strong, Brave & Happy,” I decided to publish the shortened versions of my books. And I’ve already published The Sins Of The Past (Shortened Edition). I decided to post all the chapters at the same time, and you can read the complete edition right now. If you’re going to check this book for the first time, I want to let you know that there is the full version of The Sins Of The Past that you can find on my profile. But first, get some air in your lungs. Because you’re going to be overwhelmed by the number of pages of the extended edition. And ask yourself if the author is crazy ’cause they wrote a book that is literally as long as the all-known Santa Barbara.

The reason why I decided to publish the shortened edition is that I thought I should’ve deleted some scenes that did not make sense. And another reason is the number of pages that could make people shocked. Make people faint… I actually wanted to shorten this book at least to 900 pages, but… It didn’t work right… Yeah, I’m sorry… Also, I shortened some dialogues and got rid of what I thought was unnecessary.

Anyway, I hope you would give my book a chance and decide to examine at least first few chapters. Yes, this book is not perfect, and my English, which is not my first language, is not perfect. But I am doing my best to make it good.

If you think I need to delete some moments, you can let me know, and I will take a look and decide if I really need to do it. Your likes, comments, and additions to your libiary would mean very much to me.

Thank you for the attention.

Hope you’re having a nice day 🙂

Love, Estrella Rose.

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