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The Sins Of The Past: Book Trailer
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Nov 13 2022
Estrella Rose

Hello, guys! Estrella Rose is on the line! Hope you’re having a nice day! In one of my previous posts, I published short promotional videos for my books and promised that I would also make booktrailers for them? So, I kept my promise and spent many hours working on it.

And now… I’m thrilled to introduce the booktrailer for the first book from the Stay Strong, Brave & Happy series called “The Sins Of The Past.” You can read the Full Version and the Shortened Edition.

It took pretty much time to create this short video. And my computer didn’t definitely thank me for loading it with rendering a 2GB video. Besides, my video had a blinking dance of pink and green strips, which hurt my eyes enough, and there was no solution on the Internet. So, I had to experiment much to find a way to solve this issue. I didn’t create videos for ages, and I’m not as experienced at it as at creating pictures, for example. So, don’t judge me… Watch this video, and I will go to work on a new chapter of “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars” (which is coming soon) and create a booktrailer for “The Broken Hearts Story“…

Thank you for the attention.

Hope you’re having a nice day 🙂

Love, Estrella Rose.

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