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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars. Chapter 32
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Jan 19 2023
Estrella Rose

Hiya, everybody! Estrella Rose is here! I’ve just added Chapter 32 to my book “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars“. So, what can I say? Here’s another chapter that does not have some special and important events, but it has tons of senseless talks. There are also love moments, but they are not so explicit. The next chapter was also originally much longer, but I eventually decided to separate it into two parts. And there will be some moments that seem cute to me. As always, there are tons of symbols, but trust me, we’re getting closer to the end of this story and the beginning ot the new one. I’m doing my best to finish the publication as soon as possible and mark it completed, but working on it is not as fast as I’d like. I need to check, fix (I miss some typos, though), add or remove something. Nevertheless, I’m grateful to you for checking the page of my book. Even if you didn’t plan to examine my work. I just want to say you’re awesome and wish you a very nice day 🙂

Anyway, I would be madly happy if you liked this book, added it to your library and told me what you think of the storyline and the characters’ actions. I hope you would’t lose your interest for my book and would read it until the very end. My English is not perfect, but I’m doing my best to make my texts more or less readable.

To get a mood for reading, play the song One Direction — Rock Me, the lyrics of which were used for the title of the character.

Have a nice day!

Love, Estrella Rose.

Wattpad: https://wattpad.com/story/320248052-the-secrets-hidden-in-the-scars
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Booknet: https://booknet.com/en/book/the-secrets-hidden-in-the-scars-b404449
All Links: https://estrellarose.tk/online/the-secrets-hidden-in-the-scars
Booktrailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f2KrQkH0YA&t=3s

“And did he believe that man so easily?” Letitia gets surprised. “Did Edward easily believe those photos? Couldn’t he guess you didn’t think of betraying him?”
“Honestly, I don’t know what he was thinking about,” Natalia sighs heavily and runs a hand through her hair. “But on the other hand, I understand him and have no right to be mad. Because I’m the one to blame…”
“You say you told him everything?”
“Yeah, but does it matter? Of course, he said he believed me and felt very sorry about what happened. But I don’t think we’d get everything we had back. Our ways are separated. I think I should accept it and let him go.”
“At least, you told him the truth and gave him a reason to think about what he did. If he’s not a stupid guy, he will understand he was deceived by his own uncle.”
“He knows it, Mom. Michael confessed everything when he made Edward and Terrence go to his home and tried to kill us three. And… Revealed many secrets that put many things in the right places.”
“So, here’s another reason for Edward to think about his actions,” Letitia replies quietly. “As Michael himself confessed that he put you in the wrong on purpose and did his best to end your relationship, he is supposed to have no doubts.” “Now, it doesn’t matter. Because it’s all over now.”
“Do you think you can put the dot in your relationship?”
“Sadly. But who knows, maybe, it should’ve happened so. Maybe, Edward is not my destiny. Maybe, he’s just the experience that I will need in the future. He was probably sent to me to learn some lessons. No more.”
“Of course, I don’t like how that man behaved. But I must confess he was the best of all your boyfriends. Your father and I had liked Edward before that story started. And… I will be really sad if your breakup is final.”
“He was the best for me, as well.” Natalia sighs heavily with tears coming to her eyes. “But as happened so, I will meet someone to be better someday. I’ve always believed that it’s all for the best. So, I will not stop believing I’ll get a man that will be much better than Edward.”

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