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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
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Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife successfully overcame the relationship crisis, even through they still have to work on it. Nevertheless, the lovers found a balance between a personal life and work and decided to get married. But they get problems because of Natalia Rochester, the best friend of Raquelle, and Edward MacClife, the younger brother of Terrence, the relationship of who are not quite fine. But trying to find out all the truth, the lovers have to face more serious problems and secrets, which have to do with the MacClife family and has been hidden from Edward and Terrence for many years.
The Broken Hearts Story
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The relationship between the model, Raquelle Cameron, and the actor, Terrence MacClife, seems just perfect to their fans, friends, and families. Even though the lovers quickly got colder for each other due to the strong obsession with their work. And the return of the man named Simon Ringer makes the situation worse and puts their relationship under a threat. Raquelle is going to fight against the one to be determined to bring his plan of revenge to an end and also figure out her feelings for Terrence, who becomes one of those, who turn their backs on her when she needs someone’s support.
The Sins Of The Past
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The life of the model, Raquelle Cameron, seems beautiful: a successful career, admiration of her fans, and attention of men. But one fateful day, someone spreads false rumors about her, which might put an end to her career. She decides to ride out the storm and visit her aunt, Alicia, who is hiding some secrets that have to do with her past, which she is ashamed to remember. Raquelle is determined to punish the one to slander her and also find out what sins her relative has to pay for even very many years later.
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Welcome to Estrella Rose Author, a personal blog by the Wattpad/Inkitt/Booknet author, Estrella Rose. Here, you can find out news about my projects, secrets, facts, plans, and many other things you would be interested in. All my books are written in Russian and English and are available for free. I would really appreciate if you checked my works, liked them, added them to your library, and left your comments. Hope you would come back daily to be the first one to know something interesting.

Love, Estrella Rose
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Hiya, everybody! Estrella Rose is here! Chapter 25 from my book “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars” is available for reading now! Actually, I finished working on it much earlier than I planned. And I would’ve published it earlier. But due to a cold, I had no strengh to anything. I just began to think more or less soberly. And I also want to apologize to you if you find some mistakes in my text. My head barely worked when I was working on this part. So… Something like that!

Anyway, I would be madly happy if you liked this book, added it to your library and told me what you think of the storyline and the characters’ actions. I hope you would’t lose your interest for my book and would read it until the very end. My English is not perfect, but I’m doing my best to make my texts more or less readable.

Anyway, I would be madly happy if you liked this book, added it to your library and told me what you think of the storyline and the characters’ actions. I hope you would’t lose your interest for my book and would read it until the very end. My English is not perfect, but I’m doing my best to make my texts more or less readable.

To get a mood for reading, play the song Nickelback — Never Gonna Be Alone, the lyrics of which were used for the orginal title of the character.

Have a nice day!

Love, Estrella Rose.

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“Are you alright, Mr. MacClife?” Victor shows anxiety, looking at Jamie better. “You have problems?”
“No…” Jamie replies thoughtfully, exhales sharply, and runs a hand over his hair. “Just worried about my children…”
“They’re gonna be fine, I promise. Terrence and Edward will not suffer because of their uncle.”
“I don’t mean it. I just can’t stop thinking that Edward might kill Terrence for money. I don’t want him to make the same mistake that Michael did. My eldest son might be not as lucky as I was when my brother tried to kill me. Though, Rebecca and I don’t want to lose any one of them. For us, it’s gonna be a strong hit that we won’t take.”
“I completely understand your feelings, Jamie. But now I can calm you down a little. Thanks to my informant, who is next to Michael, I found out that Edward refused to do it. Michael and he recently had a talk, during which your brother tried to make him sure that the murder of Terrence would be the best decision for him. But Edward didn’t want to give in.”
“You think he doesn’t really want it?”
“As my informant said, your son sounded true. Of course, he might do it if Michael, so to say, washed his brains. But I think Edward will not do it. And even if he does, he will never forgive himself for that.”
“You did say Edward might be jealous of Terrence because his brother has everything, but he has nothing,” Jamie notices, throwing his hands up and looking at Victor amazingly.
“Yes, I remember. Edward might really be unhappy with having nothing, while Terrence has everything. But something tells me that he will not have the courage to do it. Maybe, Michael is absolutely right: your younger son is very hesitant and quite cowardly. I don’t want to insult him, but that guy is not brave.”
“I don’t deny it. Edward has always been insecure and a little timid, but tried to hide it. However, if Michael uses his ability to palaver anyone and make him or her sure to do what he wants, Edward might give up. My brother has had this skill since childhood. He can persuade you. Michael might blackmail a victim and promise very much. If he knows your weakness and unreal wishes, he may use psychological pressure on you. For example, if you’re cowardly, he always says it to make you prove that it’s not true.”
“Right, he is good at public speaking. My informant says he uses this thing not only for Edward, but also for all of his accomplices. He knows them like five fingers and presses on their weakness very strongly if they are afraid of something, doubt, or reject something.”
“Too good. And that’s what makes me worried. If Edward stops resisting and succumbs to his provocations and eloquent speeches, Terrence will be dead. Both of my sons will be dead. The first one will die from a shot from a pistol, and the second one will become a killer and literally die for me and Rebecca. It will not be our child, Victor. Our kind, innocent child that does nothing bad to anyone.”

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