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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars. Chapter 22
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Nov 24 2022
Estrella Rose

Hey, everybody! Estrella Rose is here! Yes, I’m alive, and I’m back with the new update! Chapter 22 from my book “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars” is now available on my accounts. This is another update. Another super long update. Which consists of some worthless talks at 40% and a couple of interesting scenes, which let the story develop, at 60%. As I promised, there would be a (you’re the only one to judge) hot love scene. Well, the characters got obsessed with passion in the middle of the night! What can you do? If you want something, you should do it! Just like it happened. However, let’s not to get stuck on it! Just check this chapter and wait for the next updates. In which, I’m gonna open a secret, a hurricane is getting closer again. M-m-m… It’s gonna be hot and epic!

Anyway, I would be madly happy if you liked this book, added it to your library and told me what you think of the storyline and the characters’ actions. I hope you would’t lose your interest for my book and would read it until the very end. My English is not perfect, but I’m doing my best to make my texts more or less readable.

To get a mood for reading, play the song Ashley Tidale — You’re Always Here, the lyrics of which were used for the orginal title of the character.

Have a nice day!

Love, Estrella Rose.

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“But why were you silent all this time? Why did you tell me nothing about the nightmares, which reminded you of our conflict?”
“Because I didn’t want to seem weak…” Terrence, guiltily looking at Raquelle, slightly shakes her head. “To say I wanna strangle myself because of nightmares, to which only a girl could react. What would people think if they knew I wanted literally to cry from fear caused by my nightmares, in which I killed and raped my lovely girl? I didn’t wanna feel ashamed and give someone a reason to recall that event, which I don’t wanna remember. And I wouldn’t like someone to see me what I am now.”
“You thought you should’ve supported your status because everybody considered you a confident and strong man?”
“Yup,” Terrence pronounces in a shaking voice. “For everyone, I’m a too self-confident man, who doesn’t react to critic and reproaches and calls himself the best one in the world.”
“No… Of course, I’m really confident and don’t think I’m ugly. But my whining and attempts to hold my tears down might make everyone doubt it’s true. I don’t want them to call me a talker, stop believing in my confidence and start to discuss my actions towards you.”
“But everybody knows about your confidence. Do you think that letting yourself show weakness at least once is so bad? If you shed a tear at least once, people will doubt your words about great confidence about your awesomeness.”
“You can’t imagine what kind of remorse I felt then and feel now. I do really wanna tear this page out of my life and forget it actually happened. Yes, we learned a lesson, but we could’ve lost the most important thing… And now, what I’m horribly afraid of what comes to me every night in my dreams and gets much more horrible than it really was.”
“Gosh, Terrence, I forgave you a long time ago, and don’t think you’re guilty.”
“But I feel guilty and will always do,” Terrence sniffs quietly, making a shaking sigh. “And I’m still surprised you forgave such a scum like me. So easily and quickly. You came to me and asked to stay… I… I don’t get…”
“Honey, please, stop saying that,” Raquelle begs with pity in her eyes, barely holding tears down, and softly grabs Terrence by the forearms. “Don’t tell me you’re worthless, and nobody needs you!”
“Maybe, that’s true…”
“You know that I forgave you because I couldn’t live without my lovely man. Besides, I was also guilty of bringing everything to that. If I treated you differently, nothing would’ve happened.”
“No, Raquelle, I have a fault for that. Because of me, we almost ruined what was barely holding on. We saved our relationships thanks to a miracle. Though, everyone said it was doomed because we were connected by passion.”
“Yeah, but after losing you once, I realized you meant very much to me.”
“I also looked at you differently. But it’s a rare case.”

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