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The Lost And Forgotten Memories: Chapter 33
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Nov 29 2023
Estrella Rose

Hey, folks! I have released Chapter 33 from my book “The Lost And Forgotten Memories“. This is the second part of the fight that the characters started to make the evil people pay for everything. To be honest, working on this chapter got me kind of exhausted, even though I am happy with the result, but I know it has a lot of shortcomings and moments that could be deleted easily. By the way, I am publishing this chapter one week before my birthday. And I managed to plan everything so that the next chapter will be released on MY BIRTHDAY – December, 7th. I don’t know what about time yet, but I will surely update my release schedule when I finish working on it.

Anyway, I will be very happy if you show an interest in this work, like it, add it to your library, and decide to wait for the release of new chapters. I apologize for all the mistakes and typos that I might not have seen when editing the book. I solemnly swear that I will fix everything when I find them. No music recommendations will be given this time because I was working on my book when listening to random tunes that I got in my library.

Have a nice day and thank you for your attention.

Love, Estrella Rose.

📎 Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/113315536-the-lost-and-forgotten-memories
📎 Inkitt: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/1065782
📎 Penana: https://www.penana.com/story/127615
📎 Inkspired: https://getinkspired.com/en/story/343026/the-lost-and-forgotten-memories/
📎 FicFan: https://fic.fan/readfic/018bafc3-b6f6-7a03-b762-f0d2932c25b0/
📎 All Links: https://estrellarose.tk/online/the-lost-and-forgotten-memories/

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