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The Lost And Forgotten Memories: Chapter 3
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Jun 04 2023
Estrella Rose

Hey, folks! I have already finished working on Chapter 3 of my book “The Lost And Forgotten Memories“, which is available now for reading. I’m really happy I didn’t spend too much time editing so to say worthless and stupid chapters, in which nothing special happens. In the next chapter, the main events will start happening. A riot will start. The characters will have to say goodbye to their quiet lives for a while because… No, I don’t gonna give spoilers. I’m just going to say that there will be a couple of love scenes, which will be first in this book. Oh, yeah, I can ruin the plans of my characters and make them forget about their plans for the second half!

Anyway, I will be very happy if you show an interest in this work, like it, add it to your library, and decide to wait for the release of new chapters. I apologize for all the mistakes and typos that I might not have seen when editing the book. I solemnly swear that I will fix everything when I find them. No music recommendations will be given this time because I was working on my book when listening to random tunes that I got in my library.

Have a nice day and thank you for your attention.

Love, Estrella Rose.

📎 Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/113315536-the-lost-and-forgotten-memories
📎 Inkitt: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/1065782
📎 Penana: https://www.penana.com/story/127615
📎 All Links: https://estrellarose.tk/online/the-lost-and-forgotten-memories/

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