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The Broken Hearts Story: Chapter 7
The Broken Hearts Story Update
May 07 2022
Estrella Rose

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re having a nice day! I’ve just published Chapter 7 from my second book called The Broken Hearts Story. You can read it on Wattpad, Inkitt, Penana, Booknet, and Webnovel. A little spoiler for Chapter 8: there will be a character, who is my favorite from the book series SSBH. That one will not get much attention in this book, but I promise to fix it in the third book and tell much more. Anyway, I would really appreciate if you took a look at my works, liked them and added them to your library. It would give me stronger motivation to continue to work on my stories that I want to tell.

“You are guilty of everything, Cameron! If you loved Terrence and had not forgotten about him after you began to live in the house with him, that man wouldn’t have gotten colder to you. Would not have given a damn about you and your problems. Why would he the heck care about your businesses when you don’t care about what’s happening to him? Or do you, egoist, think everyone owes you? Everyone must dance attendance upon you and clean your mouth! No, Raquelle, nobody owes you!”

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