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The Broken Hearts Story: Chapter 14
The Broken Hearts Story Update
Jun 14 2022
Estrella Rose

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re all having a very nice day. I’ve just updated my book “The Broken Hearts Story” with Chapter 14. If you want, you can check it out and tell me what you think of it. All the secrets are about to be revealed, but it’s going to happen a little later. But now you can read this chapter and see my attempts to write something kind of smart and wise and pretend to be an expert at some things 😀

I would really appreciate if you took a look at my works, liked them, added them to your library and told me what you think. It would give me stronger motivation to continue to work on my stories that I want to tell. And your commens on the grammar and punctuation mistakes would also be very good for me as English is not my first language, and I may sometimes write something wrong.

Have a nice day, people!

Love, Estrella Rose.

“Do you think I don’t feel sorry for her? Not sorry? In this case, I wouldn’t have the hell started this operation of Simon’s arrest… If I didn’t care and worry about her, I actually would not do anything for her. What’s the point of doing something for someone you give a damn about?”
“The point is about trying to whitewash you. Do something good and make people believe you are an angel.”
“I am doing this not to whitewash me.”
“Oh, yeah, you’re doing all of that for the love!”
“Yes, for the love! I realized I still loved her and didn’t want to be with any other girl except her. And I will love her even when we start living our lives.”
“Maybe, you don’t want. But you don’t try to do anything to make it real.”
“Are you deaf? Or stupid? I did say our reunion is impossible because of everything that’s happened between us!”
“If you wanted, you’d do your best to get her back!”
“I can’t!”

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