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The Broken Hearts Story: Chapter 11
The Broken Hearts Story Update
May 30 2022
Estrella Rose

Hello, everyone! It’s me again! Hope you’re having a nice day! I’ve just published Chapter 10 from my second book called The Broken Hearts Story. You can read it on Wattpad, Inkitt, Penana, Booknet, and Webnovel. This very long chapter contains a hot, passionate 18+ scene that I was working on too hard. I really love the result, even if it’s usually hard for me to write love scenes. But if I get deeper into the process, I can make them amazing. And I hope you would love it, too. I would really appreciate if you took a look at my works, liked them, added them to your library and told me what you think. It would give me stronger motivation to continue to work on my stories that I want to tell. And your commens on the grammar and punctuation mistakes would also be very good for me as English is not my mother language, and I may sometimes write something wrong.

“I’ve done so much for you… I took everything, I closed my eyes on everything… I did my best to save our relationship. I hoped you would pay attention to me someday and give me the love that I needed. I was ready for anything for you and your happiness. But you did not appreciate all of that. You did not appreciate the effort I made for us to live well. You ruined everything that I wanted to save.”
“You were also pretending that you tried to save our relationship. Pretending to be a perfect boyfriend in public and telling everyone you adored me and were happy to be in a relationship with me. But that was just words.”
“I wanted not very much! Not very much, Raquelle! Nothing impossible. Nothing super-hard. I just wanted warmth, love, and care. I wanted to get your support. To get the motivation to do something. To have someone to keep a belief that I’m still wanted and loved. But I’ve changed for a few months. I’ve changed for the worse. I stopped feeling like the Terrence that I had been before I started an affair with you.”
“And I stopped being the Raquelle I was. Our affair made me unhappy. It bothered me. I had some borders. A certain comfort zone. But you broke into it and turned everything upside down.”
“Nobody made you quit your career. Vice versa, I was happy to admire photos of you. But I needed attention, love, and care. I needed a girl that I could talk to about what was happening to me. But I was lonely. I was in a relationship, but I was lonely.”
“You described my feelings. I was in a relationship, but I was lonely.”

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