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Stronger Together: Reuploading Book 2 & Book 3
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May 09 2024
Estrella Rose

Hello, my sweet estrellitas! I came back to you with the news about re-uploading two books of mine called “The Broken Hearts Story” and “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars” from thr series “Stronger Together“. If you checked out my previous posts, I talked about my wish to try to rewrite one of the storylines and do something for the character to reveal themselves a little later, not during their very first appearance. Because I thought the time was not good enough for it.

So, I managed to do it, after all (I was inspired by one moment from Disney’s “Hannah Montana” that became the show of my childhood), even though I wanted to give up on it several times and leave everything the same. Yes, I can’t say the result is perfect. Yes, I did not get rid of all the clear spoilers in the book TSHITS. But I decided that everything was not as bad as I thought. And if someone read my works (c’mon, what if someone really did), there would be nothing special for you. I also had to change the synopsis in “The Secrets…” slightly and decided to leave the cover the same (I tried to change it somehow, but I could not do this).

Of course, I could miss some moments when editing my books and not correct them so everything fit the new storyline. I will surely fix it if I manage to find something. And you can also help me find all the things that may make you confused and leave a comment under my books. Let’s not forget one of my rules: even if my works are completed, it doesn’t mean I forgot about them and would no longer come back to them.

Also, I’ve lately been thinking about changing all the names of the cities and countries in my books to fictional ones. But I will come back to this much later, when I finish working on the 5th book that I cannot start writing because I can’t stop editing the previous ones. But I can tell you that I’m not planning to change any moments right now. I am more or less happy with everything. So, I’m getting closer and closer to starting to work on the final book in my series.

And lastly… If you’re following updates on my site and accounts, you already know that I’ve lately been obsessed with one AI app that lets you create your own music with custom lyrics or AI generated lyrics. And this app is the one that inspired me to start writing my own lyrics for songs again. I think I mentioned on my accounts that I wrote a bunch of lyrics that make me feel ashamed now, but I gave up on this thing at some moment and never came back to this for more than 10 years. But now I can say that I’m in again, and I’ve written several lyrics for songs for my own books and generated music for them. The result is brilliant, but the quality is a little bad. Anyway, I will come back to you with a new post when I publish my first own song on my YouTube channel so you can rate my skills at writing songs (whether I actually have them) and see my English level (yes, yes, I decided to challenge myself and write lyrics in this language, which is not my first one). And now you’ve got a chance to check out my first attempts to understand the work of this app and listen to the songs with lyrics that were generated by AI (the songs’ names are “Love Always Wins” and “Never Alone).

See you later, my sweeties!
Have a nice day!

Love, Estrella Rose.

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