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Stronger Together: Book 5. Work Has Begun!
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Jun 23 2024
Estrella Rose

Hello, my sweet estrellitas! I spent a lot of time trying to get ready for this moment, and I didn’t even know what to start with. But now I can say that June, 23th 2024 is the day when I STARTED to work on BOOK 5 from the series “Stronger Together“. Some time before I started to edit the book “The Lost And Forgotten Memories“, I wrote Chapter 1 to keep myself just a little motivated. It’s actually so hard to start something when you have an empty page or a new document before your eyes. But now I’ve finished working on one of the scenes from Chapter 2, and I’m thinking on the two others.

Now I will hardly be able to work on the book too much and too hard every day. First, I want to complete my work on generation all the soundtracks in Suno and creating short videos for them. That’s good there are fewer songs to work on. And when I finish working on them, I will be working on the fifth book much harder. It’s hard to say how long the process of writing is gonna take. But the approximate release date of Chapter 1 is the beginning or the middle of 2025. I doubt the fifth book will be released earlier. And I prefer to write the full work first and then edit and publish it.

But… If at least a couple of people expressed a wish to read my new work a little earlier, I would think about publishing it on going, even though the version of it would probably be very poor and would be deeply edited in the future. But in the opposite case, I will be working quietly on my big book, writing everything I have on my plan, and I will be publishing all the chapters, not believing that the story of the series “Stronger Together” will come to an end one beautiful day. Though, it’s gonna be another story.

Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice day!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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