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Stay Strong, Brave & Happy: Book 4
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May 22 2023
Estrella Rose

Hey, folks! I will not waste time and will start speaking what I want. I want to tell you some news about my new work (another one hundredth-part book, you wanted to say?). So… I am so thrilled to announce the fourth (what, again?) book from the book series “Stay Strong, Brave & Happy“, which will be published in the nearest time. And the title is… Attention, drumroll (c’mon, girl, relax, let’s do it without showing off with something that nobody cares about)… THE LOST AND FORGOTTEN MEMORIES!

I began to work on the first version of this book in August 2016 and started to work on the plan of writing somewhere six months or one year before I completed my previous book “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars” (you could not even start it). Actually, I thought the book “Memories…” would be the last one in this series. The final chapters were written so that I could put the dot in this story. BUT! But… Something went wrong… And the self-pronounced queen of graphomania decided to write the fifth book (are you freaking kidding?) that, I swear solemnly, is going to be the last one. But I ain’t sure yet… Because I am so capricious…

As well as it happened in the third book. my wild fantasy goes somewhere far, far away, and I continue to write some bull***t on many, many pages/symbols, the number of which makes everyone shocked and wonder what could someone write in the book that it’s much longer than “War And Peace”. The characters of this story keep making mistakes and pretending to be tough heroes that want to save everyone and everything. They can’t stay in the same place! Their enemies can’t also sit quietly! They all want something epic! They want wild emotions! And what can do you to them?

Let’s look at the cover of the book, check out the synopsis, and watch a short book teaser.



Terrence MacClife, Edward MacClife, Peter Rose, and Daniel Perkins are members of “Against The System”, the band which is getting more popular every day. They are happy in a relationship with Raquelle Cameron, Natalia Rochester, Helene Marshall, and Anna Seymour. But the friends face problems when Daniel loses his memory after an unknown incident and have to help him get the memories back. Though, it’s not as easy as it seemed in the beginning. Moreover, in addition to this problem, they have to do their best to rescue Anna, who got in trouble because of someone that hates her from all the heart.


I can’t announce the specific day when Chapter 1 is published. But I will decide it later and give it to you as well as the full book trailer of this book. Now you can just check out the previous books from the SSBH series. I would be happy if you added them to your library, liked them, and left a nice comment, so I get a stronger motivation to continue to write more works.

Follow the news and follow my accounts if you are interested in finding out what was written by some unknown little author that is probably doing what she cannot do at all (oh, yeah, baby, you’re so right).

Love, Estrella Rose.

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