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SSBH: Experiment With New Book Covers
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Jul 08 2023
Estrella Rose

¡Hola, amigos! I decided to do some experiments with the cover of my books again. And yeah, I was definitely right when I said I was obsessed with a wish to change covers after starting to work on the new book. Because the same thing is happening again!

Two months ago, an excellent AI was released. It lets you insert some objects into your photos or remove something from them. And to your information, it looks natural enough (when you look at this with the eyes of the parody of the covermaker). I was nicely impressed when I tested that feature for the first time. So, I thought a little and decided to find out if I could create a good photo if I inserted a photo of a character into a big size picture (in case you’re wondering, you can find all the portraits of characters on my author blog). I had the idea of creating full-body characters against the black background or against a beautiful one.

Of course, I had to take a million attempts to get a more or less good result. But I managed to generate tons of beautiful pictures. Yes, they aren’t perfect to some extent, but if you don’t get stuck on small details and don’t look at them with a magnifier in your hands, they don’t seem so bad. And looking at them, I couldn’t literally stop thinking of the wish to try to create some covers. And after a few days of experiments, I can introduce what I eventually got.

I really love the current versions of the covers of the books from the series “Stay Strong, Brave & Happy” and am not going to change them. So, I decided to play with the covers of the shortened editions. I can’t say if I make them permanent or bring back the old ones. But now I want to see if I get more attention to my works with my new covers. I picked up a couple of sites, on which I changed the covers, and left the old ones on the others.

I suggest you rate the result and tell me which covers you like more: old or new. Of course, I may change them multiple times, but I am happy enough with the result anyway.

Love, Estrella Rose.

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