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SSBH: Book Series Title Change
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Oct 01 2023
Estrella Rose

Hello, my dear readers (do you have them?)! On the first day of October, I want to make one short, but not very important announcement related to my books (nobody cares, babe). To be clear, my four books from the “Stay Strong, Brave & Happy” book series. I would like to announce that from now on, the new title of this series is “Stronger Together.” I started to think about changing the name a long time ago, but I always saved this idea for later with the thought that I was happy with everything. However, I was not. The title seems to be good enough, but still… So, one day, I decided that I wanted to make changes!

But there was a little problem: how could I name it? I wanted something interesting and not very long (unlike my books). I was thinking a lot and reflecting on all the possible variants. But in the end, I chose some of them and spent some time deciding on how well they were to me. I was tearing myself apart between such titles as “The Power Of Love & Friendship“, “Life Stories,” and “Stronger Together“. I came up with the latter title at the very last moment. And I made the final decision by choosing it. I think it’s interesting and fits the titles of my books very well.

I’ve already set up the covers with the new title of the book series and began to change the information on my author’s blog and on all my accounts. And at the same time, I continue to work on my book called “The Lost and Forgotten Memories,”. By the way, I published Chapter 24 today. A little more than half of this journey is already over. Which means that the final is getting closer every day (Oh, let’s finish all of this right now, so you don’t hurt people’s eyes with your one hundred-book nonsense?). And then, I will edit some moments in the book “The Sins Of the Past” that I don’t still consider good, check out something in “The Memories…“, upload the shortened version of it, and finally start working on the fifth book (Are you freaking serious? How long is it going to happen?). I already have a plan for this work, and I’ve also decided on the book title (yes, yes, this time, I will have to write it from start to end). I only need to make this “muasterpuece” come true and make it public. But we will talk about it a little later. Most likely, at the beginning of January 2024 (I will hardly be able to finish the book by the end of December, as I promised in my announcement of the publication of Chapter 1).

Have a nice day!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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