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Shadows Of Regret (Stronger Together: The Soundtrack)
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Jun 12 2024
Estrella Rose

Hello again, my sweet estrellitas! While I’m collecting myself and getting ready to start working on the 5th book from the “Stronger Together” series, I suggest you listen to the new song that I wrote all by myself. Welcome “Shadows Of Regret“, which is the lead soundtrack for “The Sins Of The Past“, Book 1 from the book series that I mentioned before. The lyrics for this song can be found on my author blog, where you can find all the songs that I’ve written and published so far, and in the description of the video that I published on YouTube (subscribe to my channel, by the way, if you want). And in the lyrics video, of course 🙂

Shadows Of Regret” is the song that tells about long-time sufferings that were caused by the sins committed in the past. About the sufferings that still keep torturing someone’s soul. About the pain that is eating them inside and making them wish to come back to the past, fix all their mistakes, and not to let themselves do what had a strong affection on the entire life. Anyway, you can read my book “The Sins Of The Past” to find out why it’s too late for one of the characters to be sorry and pray to all the possible Gods about redemption. This time, it happened that I spent three days working on the lyrics, but the music for this song was generated by Suno quickly enough, literally after the first attempt. Though, I had to redo one line at the last moment because I found a grammar error. This time, I did my best for the song to sound kind of harmonic.

Anyway, I hope you will love this song. And the next well, I will publish another song (there will be a lot of them, my sweethearts, so get ready to see me often enough). And – hey, again? – it’s going to be one more soundtrack for the book “The Lost And Forgotten Memories“, for which you’ve already gotten three soundtracks. But don’t worry, guys, I’ve written several tracks for all of my books. Music for some of them has already been generated, and I can’t really wait to publish everything I’ve written while being obsessed with the wave of inspiration and passion.

Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice day!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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