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Ride Or Die (Stronger Together: The Soundtrack)
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Jun 26 2024
Estrella Rose

Hello, my sweet estrellitas! A new week – new content! Yes, I still keep torturing the AI app to try to create soundtracks for my books since choosing songs from those have already been released by famous artists is a hard enough thing. At least, for me. So, since we have such a wonderful chance to create music that you like and can be perfect for your works, why can’t you use it? And now you can listen to the song called “Ride Or Die“, which became another soundtrack for “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars“, Book 3 from the “Stronger Together” book series. The lyrics for this song can be found on my author blog, where you can find all the songs that I’ve written and published so far, and in the description of the video that I published on YouTube (subscribe to my channel, by the way, if you want). And in the lyrics video, of course 🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, this song is the theme of the characters, whose storyline is one of my favorites. “Ride Or Die” is about the strong and unbreakable connection of two brothers, who are always ready to come to help each other. About the brothers, who are ready to tear anyone, who dares to hurt their close person or even say at least one bad word about them (while they do anything they want to each other). Who can fight, argue, and get mad as much as they want, but who will always be near when one of them needs it and give each other a hand of help.

The lyrics of this song were a little different originally. But when I started generating music, the AI app started to reject some lines in both of the pre-choruses. At first, I didn’t actually understand what was wrong, but that’s good I used a different AI app that helped me find the issue. So, I was forced to change slightly the second and fourth lines in these parts. And then the AI app kindly agreed to give me variants of the music, and I spent some time picking up something good. Again, some words were “eaten“, and I didn’t see an error at first. I spent a lot of time on it, but I think the result is pretty good, and the mood and the genre of the song is perfect for the characters of two different but stubborn enough brothers, who can’t live a day without arguing about who is sassier, more handsome, more beloved, and something like that.

Anyway, I hope you will love this song. Again, I invite you to check out my page next week. Not just to listen to the new song from me. Yes, I will publish it. But the song is going to be kind of special. Because I will use it to give you some information about Book 5 from my book series “Stronger Together“. To be clear, I will reveal the name of the lead character of the new story, to whom the next song will be dedicated. And you will probably find something that will help you learn the title of the final book of the series.

By the way, if you follow updates on my accounts on social networks, you’ve probably seen my announcement about starting to work on the new book officially. Yes, I will be writing slowly at any free moment now, but I will start working much harder when I finish working on all the songs that I’ve written. Anyway, the adventure has begun!

Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice day!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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