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Estrella Rose
Tewateniel is the three-and-more-people pairing of Terrence MacClife, Edward MacClife, Peter Rose and Daniel Perkins from such books like The Broken Hearts Story, The Secrets Hidden In The Scars, The Lost And Forgotten Memories.

Other Names

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  • They all are men
  • They all are young
  • They all are a part of the band "Against The System"
  • They all were born in New York
  • They all love music
  • They all can play guitar
  • They all write songs
  • They all are taken


  • Terrence, Edward and Daniel have dark hair, while Peter has blond hair
  • Terrence and Edward are engaged, and Daniel and Peter are not
  • Terrence has blue eyes, Edward has gray eyes, Peter has amber eyes, and Daniel has brown eyes
  • Terrence can speak French a bit, Edward is fluent in Spanish, Peter can speak German a bit, and Daniel does not know foreign languages
  • Peter can play drums, while Terrence, Edward and Daniel cannot
  • Terrence was born in 1989, Daniel was born in 1990, and Edward and Peter were born in 1991
  • Edward was born in May, Daniel was born in August, and Terrence and Peter were born in April
  • Terrence and Edward's astrological sign is Taurus, Daniel's one is Leo, and Peter's one is Aries
  • Edward does not have any education, while Terrence, Peter and Daniel graduated from school


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  • Terrence is the tallest one off the group
  • Terrence is the oldest one off the group
  • Edward is the youngest one off the group
  • Daniel is the shortest one off the group
  • They often call each other brothers
  • They love singing together
  • They all are at good terms with Liam, Zachary, and Bradley from "The Loser Syndrome", but Edward was the last one to meet them
  • They all are at good terms with Derek and Gordon from "Lost In Time", but Terrence, Daniel and Peter were the last ones to meet them


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Featured In:
The Broken Hearts Story
The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
The Lost And Forgotten Memories