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Peter: Glad you’ve recalled everything.
Daniel: And I’m glad to be myself again.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories, Chapter 17
Petel is the male pairing of Peter Rose and Daniel Perkins from such books like The Broken Hearts Story, The Secrets Hidden In The Scars, The Lost And Forgotten Memories.

Other Names

  • Danter
  • Peniel


  • Both are men
  • Both are taken
  • Both are young
  • Both are a part of the band "Against The System"
  • Both were born in New York
  • Both have the same cloth size
  • Both love music
  • Both are good rollerskaters
  • Both hate Marty Patch
  • Both played in Albert Sanderson's band "Heart Of Fire"
  • Both can play a guitar
  • Both love singing
  • Both are in a good relationship with Terrence
  • Both are in a good relationship with Edward
  • Both dislike smoothie
  • Both dislike pop music
  • Both love rock music


  • Peter has blond hair, while Daniel has dark hair
  • Daniel has brown eyes, and Peter has amber eyes
  • Peter was born in 1991, while Daniel was born in 1990
  • Daniel was born in August, and Peter was born in April
  • Peter is one year younger than Daniel
  • Daniel is a little lower than Peter
  • Peter can speak German a bit, and Daniel does not know foreign languages
  • Daniel lived with both of his parents, and Peter lived with his mother
  • Peter does not faint from the view of blood, while Daniel does
  • Peter dances very well, while Daniel can't dance
  • Daniel has a bigger shoe size than Peter
  • Peter can play drums, while Daniel can't do it


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  • They lived together for one month
  • They met when Peter was 22, and Daniel was almost 23
  • They met some time before Daniel's birthday
  • They did not become friends shortly after they met
  • They think they were not close in the beginning
  • Daniel was the one to make Peter sure to get through his fears and play something at the audition for Albert Sanderson's band "Heart Of Fire"
  • They have different blood types that incomparable, which means they cannot be donors of each other


Peter: Glad you’ve recalled everything.
Daniel: And I’m glad to be myself again.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories, Chapter 17

Daniel: Would you forget all the years that we've been friends so easily? Dude, we've known each other for ages and overcome so much together!

Peter: You remembered it too late. And I knew you too badly. I didn't know that you were actually a mean scumbag. I mean, I didn't want to notice the first sighs when you started to shower me with mud, covering it with your wish to joke.

Daniel: Don't tell me you want to end our relationship.

Peter: I didn't want it. But after all your actions, I have no choice.

Daniel: No, Pete... Please, don't turn your back on me... You're like my brother that I don't want to lose. I have never had a better friend than you! And I will hardly have!

Peter: Oh, how touching you have become... I need to find a handkerchief in my pocket. I'm about to cry now.

Daniel: Maybe, I've known and befriended many people. But a bigger part of them betrayed me or just stopped speaking to me. Many of them lied to me and framed me... Sometimes I could stop speaking to them. But not you. You have never betrayed me. You've never lied. You've always been ready to help in a hard situation.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories, Chapter 17

Peter: I think… I haven’t still thanked Terrence and you… It’s been a few months, but I haven’t thanked you for not letting me make the greatest mistake in my life.
Daniel: C’mon, blond, stop!
Peter: Really, Dan, thank you. Thank you for not letting me die. I’m sorry for not sharing what happened inside me and not aiming to open myself even to my closest friends. Pretending that everything was okay and making me bite the bullet not to explode when someone talked about what hurt me.
Daniel: We talked about that situation, and you explained everything more than just clearly.
Peter: And I’m really glad. Glad there were people, who gave me a hand. Did everything to make me feel better.
Daniel: I’d like to believe our efforts were worth it.
Peter: They were. Although I had a lot of fun with my friends, I wasn’t the Peter that I am now. I was a fake. A different man, not myself. Everybody knew me as a sanguine idiot, who treated everything optimistically. And they didn’t even suspect that a scared, self-loathing boy, who was afraid of literally everything in the world, was hidden under the shell. But after revealing what had poisoned me for many years, I got better. And I started to become the one, who I was pretending to be.
Daniel: You’ve really changed a lot. At first sight, you’re an innocent boy. But you’re a man with a tough character. You could smash a hit, raise your voice, and answer verbally. You learned to be confident and harsh. You were awesome during the fight with Wainwright.
Peter: I accepted that fight as a check. As a challenge. As a chance to know what I could do. Whether I got scared in front of danger. Whether I had enough strength to deal with such a strong man. I always thought I’d… Lose if someone attacked me. I wasn’t sure about my strength and thought I didn’t have enough.”
Daniel: But as you see, there is enough.
Peter: Maybe, I became confident and braver… But there is a thing that still makes me scared. A fear of staying all alone. Without friends… Without a girlfriend… Without a dog… I was alone for so long that I am now shaking at the thought that it will happen again. That I’ll have nobody by my side. That nobody will hear me and comfort me if I say something. That’s what I will never accept. No enemy could make me shake as strongly as the threat of staying all alone.
Daniel: No, Peter, you’ll never be alone. Yes, maybe, you don’t have a family, but you have friends, who will always come to help.

The Lost & Forgotten Memories, Chapter 23
Featured In:
The Broken Hearts Story
The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
The Lost And Forgotten Memories