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Look Into Your Heart (Stronger Together: The Soundtrack)
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Jun 19 2024
Estrella Rose

Bonjour, my sweet estrellitas! As you can see, I published the fifth song written by me and created during my attempts to tame the AI app Suno and make it generate something that could make me feel love at first sight. Oh, in short, you can now listen to the song called “Look Into Your Heart“, which became another soundtrack for “The Lost And Forgotten Memories“, Book 4 from the “Stronger Together” book series. The lyrics for this song can be found on my author blog, where you can find all the songs that I’ve written and published so far, and in the description of the video that I published on YouTube (subscribe to my channel, by the way, if you want). And in the lyrics video, of course 🙂

This song is about the heart that sometimes can give you an answer to questions, which your brain can’t answer. In this case, it’s about the character, who wasn’t able to work his brain a little not to let himself make so many mistakes. And he didn’t want to listen to his feelings, the voice of his heart that kept the memories he lost. “Look Into Your Heart” encourages you to listen to yourself and your feelings at times and ask yourself if you’re comfortable having to deal with something that’s currently happening. Because… As everyone knows, you can’t be forced, and any lie will come to light early or late.

I can’t say I spent too much time on this song. I wrote the lyrics quickly enough, and I didn’t have problems with generating music. But as it always happens, at the last moment, I found out that some words in one line were “eaten“. So, I had to redo it (damn, how much I hate it, to be honest, since we aren’t able to change any line with one click yet). Anyway, the result is actually pretty good and can’t be called bad. A beautiful and melodic song that I listen to with pleasure.

Anyway, I hope you will love this song. And as usual, come back the next week to listen to the new song that I decided to make a soundtrack for the book “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars“. And it’s going to be about the characters, whose storyline and relationship are one of my favorites.

Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice day!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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