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I’m Not A Freak (Stronger Together: The Soundtrack)
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Jul 03 2024
Estrella Rose

Hello, my sweet estrellitas! While it’s boiling in my city, and that’s the reason why it makes me feel so lazy and tired, I’m working so hard on writing my fifth book. Yes, it’s happening not so fast, but I didn’t actually count on the other twist of events. So, I’m writing quietly and following the plan that is comfortable for me. However, I’m not planning to talk about it. I continue my so-called weekly rubric called “Soundtracks For My Books” (since you’ve seen me in your news feed every week) and just published another song. Let me introduce… The song called “I’m Not A Freak“. This is the theme of one of the characters from the books from the “Stronger Together” series. The lyrics for this song can be found on my author blog, where you can find all the songs that I’ve written and published so far, and in the description of the video that I published on YouTube (subscribe to my channel, by the way, if you want). And in the lyrics video, of course 🙂

If you read my previous post, you may remember that I promised to publish the song and tell you some information about my new book 5 from the “Stronger Together” series. And I did it. I will not mention the title of it before the official announcement of the book release. But if you want to know it, look for some Easter eggs in the video of my new song. Trust me, doing this would be much easier for you than you think. This is, so to speak, the exclusive information for regular visitors to my YouTube channel. And if you listen to the song “I’m Not A Freak“, you will find the answer to this question. And after this, I will tell you nothing more before a certain moment. I have some soundtracks for my new book, but I will publish them after the official announcement and the release of Chapter 1.

But I will tell you something about the song, “I’m Not A Freak“. To be clear, about the character, to whom this song is dedicated. About the character, who, as I said before, is going to be the lead character of the new book. His name is Peter. Even though he had to run into a lot of mockeries from some cruel people, among whom he, sadly, ended up, this man seems to be a quiet, harmless, and innocent angel, who needs protection from someone to be strong. But in reality, he is able to raise his voice and stand up for himself and his close people. Yes, he is by far not cowardly, he is determined enough, and he is very purposeful. But this is some kind of protective reaction. The indifference of his mother, bullying from people of his age, a lack of friends, absolute loneliness, and his inability to complain to someone and get support from them gave him strong psychological trauma and a lot of scars on his heart. And he’s been trying so hard to get through all of that for many, many years. Though, it’s not happening very well. Especially when he is alone. Especially when he prefers to keep everything inside and lets people think something is not right with him. Nevertheless, all these tests didn’t turn his heart into some kind of stone, and this character didn’t let himself stand on the dark side and remained a kind, loyal, and careful person. So, in order to learn the full story of Peter, I advise you to read my books from the “Stronger Together” series. But okay, I will give you a little spoiler: his first ever appearance happens in the second book of the series called “The Broken Hearts Story“, and a part of his story is told on the pages of the following books.

I think this is the first case when I like the melody for both verses much more than the melody for the chorus. I spent a lot of time working on it because I wasn’t always happy with the result. I didn’t feel that “chemical reaction“. And when I had to fix one failed line, the AI app swore at it because of one bad word. Though… It quietly accepted it at first. So, I had to edit the old piece with that word and the new one with something that was missed before. In short, I had to spend 3–4 days to get something really good. But I’m personally happy with the result and think that the soundtrack is perfect for this character.

And I hope you’re gonna love “I’m Not A Freak“, too. Maybe, you will recognize yourself or some of your close people in one of the songs written by me. Maybe, one of the songs is going to mean something to you. Anyway, I will continue to work on this rubric. And I will be doing this until I finish writing the fifth book, or until all the songs written by me are published. So, I will be impatiently waiting for you next week on my accounts because I will probably publish one of my favorite songs at the moment. Of course, I can’t judge it, but it’s really awesome. Though, working on it made me lose a lot of nerves and time.

Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice day!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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