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Happy New Year from Estrella Rose
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Dec 31 2022
Estrella Rose

Hello, everyone! Estrella Rose is here! How are you all doing? This is the last day of 2022. 2023 is coming very soon or has already come for someone of you. I would like to wish you a very, very Happy New Year to all of those, who are reading this article. May the new 2023 year bring us something good, much love, much happiness, much peace, great success, and all the best. I really hope the new year would be a little better.

This year, I finally began publishing my books, “The Sins Of The Past“, “The Broken Hearts Story“, and “The Secrets Hidden In The Scars“, and four short stories “Time To Say Goodbye“, “The Homeless Kitten“, “Reach For The Dream“, and “A Christmas Miracle“. Sadly, the success isn’t as good as I’d like, but I want to believe my works would get much more popular someday. I don’t deny that I sometimes feel sad that they don’t get enough attention, but I just tell myself that I’m writing for myself. For fun. I continue to write, despite nothing. Even if I never get regular readers and loyal followers, I will not stop doing what I love. I am currently working on the third book from the Stay Strong, Brave & Happy series. The fourth book is on the way, and the fifth book is planned and will be written someday. Sometimes, I will be publishing some short stories to tell readers something important. So, you won’t get off me at the nearest time, no matter if you want to see me or not.

Anyway… I hope you will have a great 2023, and the upcoming year will be MUCH better and easier than 2022. I wish you to have everything you want, never get sad and gloomy, always be happy and positive, believe in a miracle, and do you best to fight for your wishes and not to let your dreams be only dreams.

Happy Holidays, my Estrellitas! May 2023 year will be beautiful and easy for you.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, good tidings we bring to you and your kin, good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year…

I will follow my litle tradition to listen to Aly & AJ‘s Christmas album “Acoustic Hearts Of Winter” and dance along with some old songs from the 70s, the 80s, and the 90s. If you want, you can do the same, too.

Sending much love, Estrella Rose.

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