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Happy New Year from Estrella Rose
Estrella Rose Happy New Year Holidays
Dec 31 2023
Estrella Rose

Hello, my little estrellitas! I don’t want to make long speeches and will just wish you a very Happy New Year, and I hope that 2024 will be much better than 2023, deliver you much more good pieces of news, and show you the way to those, who could be much closer to you than anyone in the world. Also, I want to wish all the authors a lot of inspiration, interesting ideas for breathtaking stories, and much more new loyal readers. And I want to wish all the readers luck in finding books that won’t let you go even for a second. If you’re a paid author, I wish you to sell much more books in the next year. But if you haven’t gotten so lucky, I wish you to write such an incredible story that could help you follow all the conditions for getting the desired status as a paid author.

I can’t say this year was good for my career as a writer. I receive some views, someone likes my works, some people add my books to their library or reading lists, and someone even leaves short comments (which still make me get a mini heart attack). Nevertheless, I do get some attention. Sometimes there are days when literally a whole herd goes by me, and sometimes it’s absolutely silent in my space. Yes, it’s sad, but I don’t get upset, and I just keep writing. Now, when I finish working on my fourth book, I feel much more confident and am not afraid to make my stupid works public for everyone (well, maybe, just a little). Now I am not even so confused by the crazy number of pages of my works that may make anyone faint. I’m just writing, editing, and publishing new chapters. And I let things happen as they want! If someone in heaven thinks I deserve much more attention, I will get it for sure.

Anyway, I want to thank those, who have checked out my profile and turned a couple of pages of my works at least once. And those, who continue to check out my works to find out if there are new updates (just like it happens to “The Lost And Forgotten Memories). Yes, there are only one or two people (okay, if you want to think so, do it), but I know you’re near, and I love you like crazy. Every single view, like, and comment is very important to me, and all of them are the reason why I keep writing and creating something new. At the end of January 2024, I’m planning to publish the final chapter of “The Memories…“, work on the previous books from the series “Stronger Together” a little, and finally start writing my fifth and final book from it. All of it is going to be my goal for the forthcoming 2024, and I hope that nothing will prevent me from making them come true: neither a bad mood (I’ve actually felt no magic of Christmas and a New Year in the past few years, and I didn’t actually decorate my tree this year) nor any bad events in my life (oh, yeah, life is a hard thing).

Happy New Year, my dear little stars!
I truly hope that your mood is now much better than mine.
May 2024 be easy and happy for you.

Love, Estrella Rose.

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