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May 01 2022
Estrella Rose

Hello, everyone! How are you doing? Hope you’re having a very nice day! This is my personal blog, on which I will be posting news and facts about my books. I publish my stories under the pen name Estrella Rose on Wattpad, Inkitt, Booknet, Penana, Ficbook, Litnet, Prodaman, Litmarket, Author.Today, Webnovel, and Bookstab. Some of these sites might be unknown to you because I write in Russian, my mother language, and translate my stories into English. I’ve been learning English for ages, and my level, as some tests say, somewhere between B1 and B2. I might make mistakes and miss something, but I try to make my writing skills better and better to give you the best experience in reading my books.

I am currently working on my book series called “Stay Strong, Brave & Happy” that contains of four books. The first one is already published and completed. It’s called “The Sins of The Past.” I can’t say it’s absolutely perfect, but I still love it and did my best to make it better. You can feel free to check it out on any of my accounts. I deeply edited all my books to make them… Maybe, not perfect… But more or less good. I deleted something, added something, changed something… Anyway, now I am quite happy with the result and ready to introduce my works to the world.

Now I am publishing the second book “The Broken Hearts Story.” This book is much better than the first one. And yeah, please, don’t faint when you see how many symbols and pages my books contain. I know it’s TOO much. But I just have too many thoughts in my mind. Too many story lines in one book. Long dialogues and actions… So… That’s why it’s so long. Anyway, I try to make my text as simple as possible. I want to make it easy to read and understand. At least, when I read it as a reader, I feel comfortable. But… I know all the strong and sides of them. Nobody is perfect. Everyone can’t like something. Everyone loves different things. And that’s fine if you don’t like my books. I understand. It’s okay. I believe I will find my readers someday and receive postive comments and find out what I could change to make my works better.

Anyway… I really hope you would love all my books I am going to post on my accounts. I would really appreciate your love and attention for my books. Follow news to know when I update my books with new chapters. And come back here to find out some interesting facts about how my stories were actually born. I promise I will be posting many interesting things. This blog is going to be something like a source for exclusive information. I would appreciate if you read my blog, loved my posts and let me know what you would like to see here.

Have a nice day, everyone!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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