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Estrella Rose Author has a new layout
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Aug 12 2023
Estrella Rose

Hello, everyone! Estrella Rose here! I think you can see some changes on my author blog. Honestly, I didn’t think it would happen, but my soul did want some changes a little more than 1,5 years later after opening this site. And… Here we come! I have just installed the new theme on my author blog, and I am so in love with the result. This layout is based on the premade #9 that you can find on the site of my other project, Estrella Design. Yes, alongside writing, I also love creating themes for WordPress and Coppermine. I also can create some designs for Twitter (they has recently changed their name to just X) and Facebook. Of course, I can’t say I’m perfect at this (c’mon, you’re not perfect at anything you do and you better stop getting yourself ashamed), but I love this thing anyway.

I’ve actually, lately been working too hard on this blog and doing my best to make it better and add as much information as possible. Who am I doing this for? For my future readers! I hope I will get them someday (don’t make us laugh, girl, with your stupid works, you will never reach anything), and they will wish to find out more about my works and the process of creating them. So, I’m filing my blog with interesting facts and some exclusive information that you can’t find on any other sites. I shall contunue to improve this site and make it better. If you want to get some specific information, please, let me know it. I would be madly happy to answer your questions and share what you would like to get. And I hope you’ll love the new design as well as I do.

Have a nice day!
Love, Estrella Rose.

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