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Changing the look of my accounts and book covers
Book Cover Change Estrella Rose
Jun 27 2022
Estrella Rose

Hey, everyone! Estrella Rose is here! Hope you’re all having a very nice day. It’s an unplanned post, but still… I decided to change the look of my accounts, my blog, and covers of my books from the Stay Strong, Brave And Happy series again. Of course, I really loved the previous look with the vector head I had before, but the new one is very cute. And I was not going to change covers of my books that I really loved. I promised myself I would not do that again, but I got too obsessed with playing with AI characters. The result surprised me nicely! And it made me change my mind and finally make my dream of getting books covers with my characters come true. Without refusing to have a broken glass effect that I also wanted to have on my book covers. What? As I can’t draw and can’t create 3D models, I have to use that magical site that helped me get photos of people that could be similar to my characters. They are very close to what I imagined. I think it’s very beautiful, and I hope you’re loving the result, too.

Love, Estrella Rose.


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