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Burning Desires (Stronger Together: The Soundtrack)
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May 16 2024
Estrella Rose

Hello, my sweet estrellitas! So, it’s time to introduce you my thrid attempt to create some music in Suno AI. Let’s meet… The song called “Burning Desires“. This time, the audio video is going to be a little different because I decided to make some experiments with video layers (I didn’t know that you could work with videos in Photoshop even though I had had a long-time experience in it).

I truly apologize for the bad quality of the audio. There are two reasons: the first one is that I don’t know what to do with it due to the lack of knowledge about how to improve it and make it better, and the second one is the AI app itself. Sometimes it can give you really stupid results. 5 free attempts that you get daily, only 1-2 ones end up successful. And as far as I know, even if you upgrade your account to premium, it doesn’t change anything. However, technology is developing nowadays, and machines are constantly learning something new, and I have no doubt that AI will create truly incredible songs soon.

Although the lyrics were generated by AI again, this time they were partly changed. I wrote a couple of new lines and worked on creating the bridge and the outro of the song. And after working on this song, I got an irresistible wish to try to write a couple of my own songs since AI always gives you some mediocre, kind of similar lyrics (I can’t remember how many times I’ve gotten the phrase “in the darkest night” or some other variations).

Anyway, I am done with working on the lyrics generated by AI at the moment. Next week, I will publish the song that I wrote by MYSELF. It’s written specifically for one of my books from the series “Stronger Together“. Even if I’m super excited to make it available for everyone, I’m a little nervous because I’m not quite sure if the lyrics should be written like that. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy it, and I hope I will learn something new and continue to feed you with some new content. At the moment, the plan for my 5th book is still in the folder on my laptop and waiting for the moment I finally start a long and hard work.

Have a nice day.
Love, Estrella Rose.

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