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Stronger Together
Estrella Rose
Stronger Together is a book series, which is written by the writer, Estrella Rose. All the books from this series are written in Russian and translated into English.


The Sins Of The Past

Due to the false rumors spread by someone to defame her good name, the famous model, Raquelle Cameron, immediately loses the admiration of her fans, lucrative contracts, and a perfect reputation. After deciding to ride out the storm and visit her aunt, Alicia Middleton, she finds out that mortal danger is threatening her. Raquelle is determined to punish the one, who may deprive her of everything she has earned for ages, and help her relative, not knowing about the sins that have been tearing the woman’s soul apart for many years.

The Broken Hearts Story

The maniacal obsession with the career is the reason why the relationship between the model, Raquelle Cameron, and the actor, Terrence MacClife is on the brink of collapse, even if their friends and relatives consider this couple perfect. The appearance of Simon Ringer in their lives reveals all the problems that they did not want to notice under the influence of strong passion. Raquelle has to fight against the man, who is determined to erase her from this world for an unknown reason, and choose the future of her relationship with Terrence, who becomes one of those, who turn their backs on her with no regret when she needs someone’s support.

The Secrets Hidden In The Scars

After deciding on their feelings, Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife still remain the symbol of wild passion, but they are learning to listen and support each other. Meanwhile, the relationship between Natalia Rochester and Edward MacClife is on the brink of collapse. Using the experience from the past, Raquelle and Terrence are trying to help the girl’s best friend and the man’s younger brother. But they put this goal aside because the four will have to run into much more serious problems and discover all the secrets of the MacClife family, which are supposed to help Edward and Terrence understand what has kept them surprised for many years.

The Lost And Forgotten Memories

It seems like just recently Daniel Perkins was rocking the stage on alongside Terrence MacClife, Edward MacClife, and Peter Rose and thought he was unbelievably lucky to date a girl like Anna Seymour. But one fateful day, he loses his memory after an unknown incident and does not recognize his best friends. Any attempts to bring his memories back lead to failure. Moreover, the men and the girls have to rescue Anna, who refused to help Daniel for some reason and got in touch with the one, who abuses this girl cruelly but pretends to be an angel in the flesh for her parents.

List of Books

  • The Sins Of The Past
  • The Broken Hearts Story
  • The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
  • The Lost And Forgotten Memories
  • Facts

    • Before October 2023, this series was previously called "Stay Strong, Brave And Happy"
    • Working on the first book started on November, 27th 2010
    • Working on the second book started on February, 2nd 2011
    • Working on the third book started on March, 1st 2015
    • Working on the fourth book started on August, 18th 2016
    • The earliest version of the first book was called At The Sunset of the Day, which was released on December, 7th 2010 as a story made in the videogame The Sims 3
    • The earliest version of the second book was called At The Sunset of the Day 2: Fantasy of Love, which was released on February, 14th 2011 as a story made in The Sims 3
    • The third and the fourth book were not originally written in the beginning but were planned to be
    • The titles of the books had been changed multiple times before they got the final titles
    • The Russian version of the book The Secrets Hidden In The Scars won the competition of Wattpad named Wattys 2015 in the nomination Best of Visuals
    • The book series was originally called Stay Strong, Stay Brave, Stay Happy, but it was later shortened
    • One of the book series titles was inspired by the phrase by one of the author's former Internet friend
    • All the cities and brands used in the book series are real
    • All the characters are fictional but were given some features after some people the author knew
    • All the events are fictional, and most of them are inspired by movies, shows, and songs
    • All the surnames are real expect MacClife
    • The earliest versions of the first two books were written in the format of a play
    • The earlier titles of the third and the fourth books were At Sunset Of The Day III: Passion And Flattery and At Sunset Of The Day IV: Eclipse And Dawn



    Stronger Together
    The Sins Of The Past (February, 9th 2022)The Broken Hearts Story (April, 21st 2022)The Secrets Hidden In The Scars (August, 28th 2022)The Lost And Forgotten Memories (May, 28th 2023)
    Romance, Drama, Mystery, Action, Thriller