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The Sins Of The Past
Estrella Rose
The Sins Of The Past is a book 1 from the series Stronger Together. It was released on February, 9th 2022 on such platforms like Wattpad, Inkitt, Inkspired and many others. The book is written in Russian and translated into English.


Due to the false rumors spread by someone to defame her good name, the famous model, Raquelle Cameron, immediately loses the admiration of her fans, lucrative contracts, and a perfect reputation. After deciding to ride out the storm and visit her aunt, Alicia Middleton, she finds out that mortal danger is threatening her. Raquelle is determined to punish the one, who may deprive her of everything she has earned for ages, and help her relative, not knowing about the sins that have been tearing the woman’s soul apart for many years.


Main Characters

  • Raquelle Cameron
  • Alicia Middleton
  • Recurring Characters

  • Terrence MacClife
  • Natalia Rochester
  • Anna Seymour
  • Frederick Cameron
  • Benjamin Parker
  • Alexis Milton
  • Simon Ringer
  • Eleanor Woodham
  • Guest Characters

  • Edward MacClife
  • Daniel Perkins
  • Peter Rose
  • Helene Marshall
  • Elizabeth Cameron
  • Jackson Cameron
  • Dominick Middleton
  • Tiffany Thompson
  • Timothy Thompson
  • Rebecca MacClife
  • Cody Freeman
  • Joseph Prescott
  • Odette Portman
  • Emma Reynolds
  • Olivia Haywood
  • Jacqueline Underwood
  • Steven Appleby
  • Delancey Spellman
  • Serena Oliverson
  • Alexander Bradford
  • Tristan Coleman
  • Kendrick Dixon
  • Gilbert Woodham
  • Eveline Woodham
  • Yolanda Woodham
  • Caroline Robinson
  • Randolph Robinson
  • Cecelia Robinson
  • Yasmin Robinson
  • Gabriel Everett
  • Stephan Woodham
  • Andre Lockwood
  • Amelia Sanchez
  • John Fallon
  • Grace Hacksley
  • Lucas James
  • Aidan Sanders
  • Pavel Rozov
  • Adrian Washington
  • Sebastian Clemens
  • Martin Barrett
  • Vanessa Waltley
  • Ashley Christensen
  • Cedrick Westley
  • Franklyn
  • Alan
  • Madison
  • Kelly
  • Nina
  • Lacey
  • Gaston
  • Mentioned Characters

  • Rosella Cameron
  • Jamie MacClife
  • Letitia Rochester
  • Anthony Rochester
  • Enrique Lascano
  • Maximilian Seymour
  • Valeria Milton
  • Jacob Underwood
  • Mirabel Underwood
  • Lilian Seymour
  • Adriana Lascano
  • List Of Songs

  • Look Into Your Heart
  • Shadows Of Regret
  • Hole In My Head
  • The Story About Us
  • Help Me Breathe
  • Facts

    • Working on the first version of the book was begun on January, 14th 2014
    • The first ever version was called At The Sunset of the Day, which was released on December, 7th 2010 as a story made in The Sims 3
    • This book was previously called just Stay Strong, Brave And Happy but later got the title Just Believe In Me, which was changed again to The Sins Of The Past
    • The earliest version of this book was written in the format of a play
    • Many scenes from this story were re-written after the deep edit
    • This book was originally supposed to be a horror story without any love storylines, but the author gave up on this idea when writing
    • This book is the shortest one in the series Stronger Together


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    The Sins Of The Past
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    Estrella Rose
    February, 9th 2022
    Romance, Mystery, Action, Thriller
    Secrets always come to light...
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