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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
Estrella Rose
The Secrets Hidden In The Scars is a book 3 from the series Stronger Together. It was released on August, 28th 2022 on such platforms like Wattpad, Inkitt, Inkspired and many others. The book is written in Russian and translated into English.


After deciding on their feelings, Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife still remain the symbol of wild passion, but they are learning to listen and support each other. Meanwhile, the relationship between Natalia Rochester and Edward MacClife is on the brink of collapse. Using the experience from the past, Raquelle and Terrence are trying to help the girl’s best friend and the man’s younger brother. But they put this goal aside because the four will have to run into much more serious problems and discover all the secrets of the MacClife family, which are supposed to help Edward and Terrence understand what has kept them surprised for many years.


Main Characters

  • Raquelle Cameron
  • Terrence MacClife
  • Natalia Rochester
  • Edward MacClife
  • Recurring Characters

  • Anna Seymour
  • Daniel Perkins
  • Peter Rose
  • Helene Marshall
  • Frederick Cameron
  • Alicia Middleton
  • Rebecca MacClife
  • Jamie MacClife
  • Michael MacClife
  • Letitia Rochester
  • Anthony Rochester
  • Benjamin Parker
  • Christiana Warren
  • Violetta Sparks
  • Blair Stewart
  • Jessica Taylor
  • Victoria Richardson
  • Victor Johnson
  • George Smith
  • Lewis Todd
  • Darwin Austin
  • Catherine Hadley
  • Eugene Wainwright
  • Christopher Morgan
  • Guest Characters

  • Maximilian Seymour
  • Steven Appleby
  • Amelia Sanchez
  • Raphael Sanchez
  • Hailey Sanchez
  • Daniella Pennington
  • Eric Brown
  • Kevin Spencer
  • Nicolas Carter
  • Xavier Hilton
  • Marty Patch
  • Trenton Tobias
  • Cloud Knight
  • Sylvester Westbrook
  • Lambert Bolton
  • Riley Holland
  • Hilary Walker
  • Marta Sheppard
  • Taylor Benson
  • Deirdre
  • Otto
  • Andrew
  • Douglas
  • Dustin
  • Vincent
  • Tracey
  • Hayden
  • Laurence
  • Rupert Clark
  • Herbert Torres
  • Nelson Rodriguez
  • Desmond Forest
  • Aaron Donalds
  • Artur Carrow
  • Mentioned Characters

  • Rosella Cameron
  • Elizabeth Cameron
  • Jackson Cameron
  • Dominick Middleton
  • Tiffany Thompson
  • Timothy Thompson
  • Manuel MacClife
  • Margaret MacClife
  • Isabella Thorn
  • Enrique Lascano
  • Cody Freeman
  • Joseph Prescott
  • Odette Portman
  • Emma Reynolds
  • Olivia Haywood
  • Valeria Milton
  • Jacqueline Underwood
  • Delancey Spellman
  • Serena Oliverson
  • Hunter Lynwood
  • Simon Ringer
  • Richard Stalker
  • Eleanor Woodham
  • Gilbert Woodham
  • Lydia Johnson
  • Rachel Sanderson
  • Albert Sanderson
  • Liam Caulfield
  • Bradley Charles
  • Zachary Jefferson
  • Nathan Chadwick
  • Archibald
  • Gordon Hudson
  • Shannon Sparks
  • Annabelle Warren
  • Paulina Simpson
  • Kristina Harper
  • Scarlett Marshall
  • Roger Marshall
  • Lilian Seymour
  • Ryan Potter
  • Adriana Lascano
  • Ricardo Perkins
  • Sharon Perkins
  • Jeremy MacClife
  • William MacClife
  • Facts

    • Working on the first version of the second book was begun on March, 1st 2015
    • Lyrics of some songs were used for chapter titles in the earliest version of the book
    • All the new characters from this book were not featured in the earlier versions of the first two books
    • The Russian version of this book won Wattys 2015 in the nomination "Best of Visuals"
    • The unofficial soundtrack of this book is Miley Cyrus — Scars
    • The title for this book was inspired by the lyrics from the song Miley Cyrus — Scars


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    The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
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    Estrella Rose
    August, 28th 2022
    Romance, Action, Mystery, Thriller
    Friendship and love can unite
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