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The Broken Hearts Story
Estrella Rose
The Broken Hearts Story is a book 2 from the series Stronger Together. It was released on April, 21st 2022 on such platforms like Wattpad, Inkitt, Inkspired and many others. The book is written in Russian and translated into English.


The maniacal obsession with the career is the reason why the relationship between the model, Raquelle Cameron, and the actor, Terrence MacClife is on the brink of collapse, even if their friends and relatives consider this couple perfect. The appearance of Simon Ringer in their lives reveals all the problems that they did not want to notice under the influence of strong passion. Raquelle has to fight against the man, who is determined to erase her from this world for an unknown reason, and choose the future of her relationship with Terrence, who becomes one of those, who turn their backs on her with no regret when she needs someone’s support.


Main Characters

  • Raquelle Cameron
  • Terrence MacClife
  • Recurring Characters

  • Natalia Rochester
  • Anna Seymour
  • Edward MacClife
  • Daniel Perkins
  • Peter Rose
  • Frederick Cameron
  • Alicia Middleton
  • Benjamin Parker
  • Simon Ringer
  • Richard Stalker
  • Christiana Warren
  • Violetta Sparks
  • Blair Stewart
  • Rachel Sanderson
  • Albert Sanderson
  • Guest Characters

  • Elizabeth Cameron
  • Jackson Cameron
  • Rebecca MacClife
  • Jamie MacClife
  • Letitia Rochester
  • Steven Appleby
  • Hunter Lynwood
  • Amelia Sanchez
  • Raphael Sanchez
  • Hailey Sanchez
  • Marty Patch
  • James Whitley
  • Marjorie
  • Louis
  • Henry
  • Paulina Simpson
  • Mentioned Characters

  • Rosella Cameron
  • Dominick Middleton
  • Tiffany Thompson
  • Timothy Thompson
  • Manuel MacClife
  • Margaret MacClife
  • Isabella Thorn
  • Anthony Rochester
  • Enrique Lascano
  • Maximilian Seymour
  • Cody Freeman
  • Joseph Prescott
  • Odette Portman
  • Emma Reynolds
  • Olivia Haywood
  • Delancey Spellman
  • Serena Oliverson
  • Eleanor Woodham
  • Gilbert Woodham
  • Liam Caulfield
  • Bradley Charles
  • Zachary Jefferson
  • Nathan Chadwick
  • Annabelle Warren
  • Lilian Seymour
  • Adriana Lascano
  • Jeremy MacClife
  • William MacClife
  • List Of Songs

  • Shadows Of Regret
  • Hole In My Head
  • The Story About Us
  • Help Me Breathe
  • Facts

    • Working on the first version of the second book was begun on March, 22nd 2014
    • The earliest version of this book was called At The Sunset of the Day 2: Fantasy Of Love, which was released on February, 14th 2011 as a story made in The Sims 3
    • This book previously was called When We Have Love but later got the title The Broken Hearts Story
    • The earliest version of this book was written in the format of a play
    • Many scenes were deleted and re-written


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    The Broken Hearts Story
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    Estrella Rose
    April, 21st 2022
    Romance, Mystery, Action, Thriller
    Everything we need is love
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