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The Lost And Forgotten Memories
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Terrence MacClife, Edward MacClife, Peter Rose, and Daniel Perkins are members of "Against The System", the band which is getting more popular every day. They are happy in a relationship with Raquelle Cameron, Natalia Rochester, Helene Marshall, and Anna Seymour. But the friends face problems when Daniel loses his memory after an unknown incident and have to help him get the memories back. Though, it’s not as easy as it seemed in the beginning. In addition to this problem, they have to do their best to rescue Anna, who got in trouble because of someone that hates her with all the heart.
The Secrets Hidden In The Scars
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Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife successfully overcame the relationship crisis, even through they still have to work on it. Nevertheless, the lovers found a balance between a personal life and work and decided to get married. But they get problems because of Natalia Rochester, the best friend of Raquelle, and Edward MacClife, the younger brother of Terrence, the relationship of who are not quite fine. But trying to find out all the truth, the lovers have to face more serious problems and secrets, which have to do with the MacClife family and has been hidden from Edward and Terrence for many years.
The Broken Hearts Story
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The relationship between the model, Raquelle Cameron, and the actor, Terrence MacClife, seems just perfect to their fans, friends, and families. Even though the lovers quickly got colder for each other due to the strong obsession with their work. And the return of the man named Simon Ringer makes the situation worse and puts their relationship under a threat. Raquelle is going to fight against the one to be determined to bring his plan of revenge to an end and also figure out her feelings for Terrence, who becomes one of those, who turn their backs on her when she needs someone’s support.
The Sins Of The Past
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The life of the model, Raquelle Cameron, seems beautiful: a successful career, admiration of her fans, and attention of men. But one fateful day, someone spreads false rumors about her, which might put an end to her career. She decides to ride out the storm and visit her aunt, Alicia, who is hiding some secrets that have to do with her past, which she is ashamed to remember. Raquelle is determined to punish the one to slander her and also find out what sins her relative has to pay for even very many years later.
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Welcome to Estrella Rose Author, a personal blog by the Wattpad/Inkitt/Booknet author, Estrella Rose. Here, you can find out news about my projects, secrets, facts, plans, and many other things you would be interested in. All my books are written in Russian and English and are available for free. I would really appreciate if you checked my works, liked them, added them to your library, and left your comments. Hope you would come back daily to be the first one to know something interesting.

Love, Estrella Rose
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Hey, everyone! I guess you thought I came back to you with the announcement of my fourth book (who actually cares about your books, huh?!). But no. I came to you with something different that I want to publish before the new book from the SSBH is released.

I think most of you had to be bullied by other children, who were too cruel to you, when you were a kid just because they did not like you for some reason. In my school years, I was not also loved and appreciated too much, even though nobody put me under cruel bullying. I think they did it just because I could stand for myself somehow and did not look like they could kick me like a ball. Though, there are those, who are literally afraid to say a word and start to shake in front of their offenders like a scared bunny. Sadly, there are many cases like these. And bullying is the reason why some people run into problems in their adult life and try to solve them with the help of psychologists or their close people.

So, I want to introduce my new work to you that is dedicated to bullying at school. My fifth short story called «Beauty Inside You». This is a short story about one boy, a high school student, who is bullied by most of his schoolmates. And who has secret feelings for the girlfriend of one of the bullies, thinking she will never pay attention to the outsider, who is called the ugly loser by everyone. Sadly, he is not able to answer his offenders because they are two times stronger than him. There is no hope that at least someone would love to stand up for him and prove that your appearance is not the reason to bully someone.

Actually, I wanted to write this story in February, by Valentine’s Day. But… I was kind of too busy working on my book «The Secrets Hidden In The Scars» and decided to make this idea real after the end of my work on this story. And I’ve finally done it. I can’t say it’s perfect, but I am happy enough with the result.

I think you’ve understood that I dedicate this story to all victims of bullying. I want to tell everyone that you should befriend good people that would never hurt you or criticize you for any reason. And fall in love with the soul of the person, not their irresistible appearance. Because sometimes the most gorgeous people may be rotted inside and have no pity for you for their own benefit. And a timid gray mouse that is noticed by nobody or is bullied by everyone may be a truly wonderful friend. The friend that would befriend that just because they feel good with you, and you’re an amazing friend, not for something else.

I hope someone would love this story, and you would appreciate it by at least liking it.

The announcement of my fourth book will be published on all my accounts and personal author blog very soon. The bookteaser is already made, and I only have to render the book trailer. So, I am almost ready to start working on my 500 parts that will be published in one work and make people overwhelmed by the page number and the number of symbols. Anyway, stay tuned!

Love, Estrella Rose.

Neovel: (Coming soon)

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